Digital Frames and the Dentist’s Office


Digital Frames and the Dentist’s Office Digital frames are very versatile products, and you can use them in your home to show off all of your photos, you can give them as gifts, and you can even use them in your office. While some business owners have realized the benefits of using these frames in their offices, some have not. These products are great for dentists. For example, they are great for advertising, and they provide your clients with something to look at while they wait for their appointment.

In the Lobby

In the lobby of your office, you can use digital frames for a number of things. First, you can load the frame with photos of you and your staff at work. You should be sure to include photos or images of your sign and your logo. This will help your newer clients remember your name. You can also put some photos of your clients on the frame. Children love seeing themselves, and many of them have to come to the dentist’s office often for their braces.

You can also use these frames to advertise your business. Do new clients get a ten percent discount off of their first visit? If so, the digital frame is a great place to advertise this. You can even load the frame with images that contain healthy tips for your patients. For example, you recommend that your patient’s floss at least once a day or you discourage drinking excessive amounts of soda since that will stain teeth. A mix of all these things will keep your patients occupied while they wait.

In the Exam Rooms

Everyone hopes that their dentist’s visit will go quickly. Sometimes people get that wish, but sometimes they have to stay in the chair for hours while the dentist works on their teeth. This can be nerve-wracking and boring. If you hang a large digital frame in each exam room, you can play soothing music and show nice photos to keep your patient’s mind occupied. You can even show video.

If a patient has some nice photos to look at and some nice music to listen to, it is easier to remain calm. If you can create a good atmosphere for your clients, they will be more inclined to return to your office and to recommend you to their friends and family. Your patients who have anxiety issues concerning dentists will appreciate your efforts to make the environment more inviting. If you are a dentist or a doctor, you should consider investing in some digital frames to decorate your lobby, advertise your services, and soothe your nervous patients.

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