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Using HootSuite For Small Business Marketing


The World Wide Web has made running a small business far easier and cheaper than it once was. Let’s face it, we don’t even need a bricks-and-mortar store any longer as our clients are happy to deal with us in cyber space and receive any purchases from the back of a delivery van. However, the internet has meant that there is far more competition around and trying to increase the traffic that visits our websites has never been harder. So where does using HootSuite for small business marketing fit in?

Well, as we have already discovered the best and easiest way to attract clients is via the internet. A good website and some decent SEO can attract customers from all over the world, but part of your marketing and SEO strategy has to include social media. And this is where things suddenly become time consuming.

You see, there are so many social media outlets about. You can hardly look at a news page without seeing that so and so has tweeted this or that he poked her and whilst this can often be quite annoying, only a fool would fail to see the marketing potential of these sites.
Using HootSuite For Small Business Marketing
So your company needs to be visibly active on all of the popular social media sites that are currently on the World Wide Web, brilliant, that’s that sorted then. But hold on a minute, where are you and your small workforce going to find the time needed to be an active member of these sites?

The answer is by using HootSuite for small business marketing purposes on social media outlets. That’s it, end of story. Oh no, wait a minute, I forgot to tell you why.

HootSuite is a simple to use dashboard where you can organize all of your social media output in one place. You can type out your news just once and HootSuite will publish it for you on every social media site that you have chosen. If nothing else this should help make your keyboards last longer.

Not only that but by using HootSuite for small business marketing you can even schedule your social media content and messages to be published in the future. It’s like the DeLorean of Twitter, only more successful. So now that you have everything organized under one roof with a nice easy to use dashboard you need only a fraction of the time you used to use to update all of your social media pages. That’s efficiency that is; it’s what small businesses strive for.

Have I mentioned that the basic package is free to use? Judging by the smiles probably not and there is more to come. You see, by using HootSuite for small business marketing you can also get some really great reports to see how your social media campaigns are working out. You can invite clients and colleagues to join in with your output and even tag which messages need attention.

So if you are typing away into the wee small hours of the morning just trying to keep your fan base happy, stop what you are doing and get a HootSuite account as efficiency is what we all desire.

This article is contributed by @seo_pal. If you want to learn more about using Hootsuite for small business,visit our blog.

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