Gem Miner: Dig Deeper Review on Android


Gem Miner Dig Deeper Review on Android

Gem Miner: Dig Deeper is a new strategy game for an Android platform. This game simulates a real life experience of miners. How the game will end depends entirely to the user’s hands but before getting there, it will be a whole lot of fun and adventure. The mechanics are simple as the game progresses with the gamer. The instruction is very easy. The user acts as a miner and the goal is to dig up wealth from the ground. Usually, the wealth will be in a form of iron ore or coal deposit. In some lucky instances, the miner will be able to find better deposits like precious gems, maps, and fossils.

In this mining game, the miner is going to dip deeper. As the miner goes deeper, he or she should make sure that there are enough support beams and ladders to place to keep the mine safe and for him or her to get back out of the mine. The miner should also be careful with some rocks which are unstable because these rocks, when released, will begin to shudder. If there is not enough time to place support, the rocks will fall to either close an area or kill the miner.

In this game, the miner should keep on digging deeper and deeper to get more wealth to sell so that he or she will be able to purchase better mining equipment from the store. These equipment help the miner dig deeper and find more important and valuable stuff. However, while the miner is digging, the miner’s stamina is limited. This can be seen on the green stamina meter. The cart’s storage can also accommodate 10 items only.

The game is smart and challenging. The game has 3 levels of difficulty and a separate tutorial mode. Planning a strategic route to get the valuable stuff, but also stay alive, will definitely exercise the mind. Support beams and ladders are very important materials to use, but one can only have as many as one purchase. Seismic radar and other mining equipment will give the user a wider view of the mine and where the valuable wealth lies by taking away sections that does not have value, but they cost a lot of money, too. On the tutorial mode, getting a fabled giant amethyst is the aim but this one has yet to be explored. On the other hand, this is also the type of game where there are always better stuff to discover as one levels up. Exploring the game is not bad but very repetitive.

It has very sharp and fun graphics such as the glowing iron ore and the quick elevator that goes up and down. The dim lanterns show a little part of the cave. It also produces a simple, appropriate sound. The game is played using the touch screen of the Android phone which means there shouldn’t be any issues at all regardless of the phone being used. For less than $3, one could have a unique kind of rush with this game. The game also offers a free trial version called Gem Miner.

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