Projector – Camcorder from 3M in Shoot (N) Share


Projector – Camcorder from 3M in Shoot (N) Share

You can take motion pictures using this camera but you cannot play it. It is rather expensive (priced $299) pocket camera meant for fun.

3M is engaged in making projectors and it is not hitting the market popularly due to the limited usage and now M Pro has started manufacturing projectors. On hearing that they will be launching new pocket camera cum projector, I was surprised.

This new camera Shoot – Share is just a negotiation but does not serve any purpose. The piece has a projector and pocket camera in one unit. To be frank they do not get along well in one piece.

It is neither appealing nor unattractive. It is also not handy and comfortable like Kodak or Flip pocket camera. Even though it feels lighter, still it is robust. Only the flaps which cover the SD slot and port are lighter other things in the unit are quite strong. It can take pictures of 720p, and has an in built 14 lumen projector of 640 x 480.

Shoot (N) Share has buttons which are sensitive to touch and even though it poses awkward appearance it is quite responsive in its function. The projector is reasonably designed simple and contains 10 buttons at the rear side of the camera. The user friendly interface is smooth and straightforward. But the LCD screen is somewhat dim.

For a hand camera design, the quality is video is good enough. Sometimes, it goes to the level of average but not as bad as camera from Flip ($150). Again in my opinion, the quality of video is really good.

The projector unit is similar to M Pro 120 in its quality. It contains real colors but you cannot review the picture. This unit has a tripod stand for taking pictures. Hence, it is not handy and comfortable. The AV port is capable of running RCA though which you can play SD videos.

Still it is managing to do both tasks simultaneously by a single unit. There is no reason why they have designed both projector and camera in a single unit. The camera can take good videos but the picture becomes very bright when played on screen. It has a short battery which runs only for 2 hours hence it cannot be the right choice when you travel long.


I propose to restrict my comments about this projector cum camera since it looks more like a trial than a new entry. Very shortly, you can expect better and improved version of this unit. In my opinion, this is an expensive unit costing you 300 dollars and is bulky in appearance for standard pocket camera. If you have any necessity to have a camera unit with projector then you can go ahead and buy it.


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