4 Hidden Threats to Health in your Blogging Routine


You are blogging passionately in your personal room in front of your newly bought laptop, and a friend comes to you and say, “Come, let’s have a walk”. What would be your response? Sure, you would shout on him and reject the proposal. Stop and reconsider your decision. Initiatives like Bistro MD and Diet to Go are similar friends, who are harping to help you.

There are few threats sitting right there in your personal room that do not want you to have a healthy body and a calm mind. Beware the next time you see them. Here they are:

Your Air Conditioner

The chilling device that takes care of the summers and winters is the number one threat to your fitness. The long hours of sitting under AC and then stepping out can cause abrupt change in the body temperature and you can fall sick.

Solution – Open the windows and let the natural air come in. In days of optimum weather outside, switch of your AC for sometime. It is not only good for you, but for the environment as well, as it causes a great amount of Ozone layer depletion. Have a walk in natural air, which can also prove beneficial in achieving your weight loss goal. 

Computer Screen and the Radiations

The researches say that those who sit long hours in front of computers have inferior vision to those who don’t. The proper functioning of eyes is closely related to that of brain as well. Harmful radiations coming out of the screen cause a variety of problems.

Solution – Although, you can’t escape its effect, it is advisable to take short breaks of a few minutes after every hour. Move your eye balls up and down, right and left and let the cold water be sprinkled over them.

Computer Chair

The increasing number of back-pain cases arises due to prolonged sitting on the comfortable chairs in the same erect posture. It can cause more serious problems like slip disk, in event of sudden jerk, overweight and backache. 

Solution – A simple, yet interesting solution is to use sitting balls instead of chairs. They are comfortable, soothing and let you exercise sitting on them, without making any effort. Such balls are available at online stores with attractive offers, if you make use of promo coupon code.


Finally, the little device known as mouse is a great ache to your wrist. Permanent wrist pain is caused by prolonged usage of mouse, keeping our hand in the same position over the computer table.

Solution – Keep the mouse as near to your hand as possible and try to use Voice Recognition Features of Windows (you can also download specific software online) to minimize the use of keyboard and mouse.

Moreover, a healthy diet and adding a few minutes of exercise to your daily routine can make you more immune towards these ill-effects of such equipments and devices. After all, everything has its pros and cons, so do these inventions of science & technology.

Irfan writes for various websites including, an epc company in Belfast, and that provides Energy Performance Certificates in Northern Ireland.

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