How to Break PST Password Security through Advanced Outlook Password Recovery Tools


Passwords have become one of the most important components of our data security plan. Due to business mobility and other similar foreseeable factors, the risks of data sabotage and theft escalate quickly. To overcome these problems and meet the tough challenges of data security, password management should be given a primary focus in every organization. Primarily, the organizational data is stored on the server or on individual workstations of each user. Every user has a corresponding PST file that stores emails and other key business data. To protect the confidentiality of these files, it is necessary to make them password-protected.

It is certain that PST passwords help to keep away all the potential threats that lurk around your critical Outlook data. However, managing these passwords is not an easy job for the users. In an attempt to achieve maximum security, they stress the need for long and complex PST passwords. They tend to create passwords that include spaces, letters, and wacky punctuation characters like ampersands. As a consequence, these hard-to-guess and reliable passwords become more difficult to memorize. This results in PST password loss and crippling situations of complete data inaccessibility.


There is abundance of PST password recovery tools in the market today. These software instantly recover your lost or forgotten PST password and help you regain access to all personal emails and other information stored in the PST file. Some salient features of these advanced third-party utilities are given below:

  • Accurate Recovery of PST Password:

These software have the knack of providing you the correct Outlook PST password irrespective of the password length and complexity. With the help of their comprehensible interface, you can recover even the most complicated password within the least possible time.

  • Option to Choose from Multiple Usable PST Passwords:

These competent tools generate a set of PST passwords. You can use any password in the recovered set to open your password-protected PST file. Generally, the first password easily breaks your PST password-protection.

  • Advanced Search for Outlook PST files:

These software have an inbuilt mechanism dedicated to search PST files in your system quickly. If you do not remember the exact physical path to your Outlook PST, you can use this search feature to locate them and recover their lost passwords smoothly.

One of the finest and highly trusted Outlook password recovery tools is Stellar Phoenix PST Password Recovery. The software gives you six different PST passwords through which you can access your encrypted Outlook PST. In addition, it supports MS Outlook 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, and 2000.

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