Plant Explosion at Foxconn Disturbed Everything


Plant Explosion at Foxconn disturbed everything

According to Market watch, share price of Foxconn dropped due to the recent explosion and production suspension in their Ipad plant. It was about 2.08% drop in the stock market for Foxconn.

The explosion happened on Friday at the Chengdu Production Plant. Until further investigation, it is said that the production won’t be resumed. No human fault has been found but 3 employees were killed during the accident.

Some basic reports have shown that the cause behind the explosion seems to be caused by the ventilation system of the building which was not in a good order.

After laptops, Ipad has become the new sensation among the gadget freaks especially the youngsters.  Not just the youth, but even in small and large corporations, Ipads are used for several purposes. Even marketers and analysts indicate that soon laptops will be replaced by Ipads and tablets.

Why can’t they replace laptops? They are highly created with advanced technology, are light in weight, touch screen, keyboard attachment feature, Wi-Fi technology, good storage capability and excellent performance.

Foxconn has always been in the bad image for not taking safety measures to maintain its working environment. In the past, Foxconn has also faced some more bad working conditions and suicides were the most serious ones among all.

In a news update, the spokesperson of Foxconn has stated that the production of Ipad will resume in a short while until they find the exact cause, in fact they want to focus on the employees’ safety first.

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