Things to Consider When Choosing an SEO Company


Things to Consider When Choosing an SEO Company

Each time a buyer makes a purchase decision, they develop a strong sense of emotional trust for a particular brand. Whether a company or a person, customers feel they have value for their money and will not get cheated by them because they are guaranteed a quality product. When customers first buy from a company, they’re hesitant at first and think well before they click the checkout button. In cases where large sums of money are at stake, people have become more cautious and think twice before buying.

Any company that is buying and selling online will need to make use of some type of website. When searching online for any Search Engine Optimisation company, many sites can be seen offering these services at affordable rates. The site owner might seem spoilt for choice, but who do you trust with getting your website to rank well within the SERP’s (search engine results pages), especially if you are a new enterprise or you are targeting a new keyword that you would like to rank for?

With Google recently penalising websites that had bought links, you certainly wouldn’t want to go with a firm that promises quick results (they no doubt incorporate the purchasing of links along with bulk automated submissions as part of their strategy). The general consensus is that the links generated for your site should appear to be “natural” and free from automation or the purchasing of links. Rather go with a reputable SEO company that has a proven track record, this will not only give you piece of mind knowing that you brand is in safe hands but also that you will in no doubt achieve the results promised in an organic looking fashion.

Things to consider when choosing an SEO company

1. Review their portfolio

You will be able to see their previous and current clients. Pair these with the testimonials to ensure customer satisfaction.

2. Review their team pages (experience, qualifications)

    If you are going to entrust your online presence to total strangers, you at least need to ensure that their credentials are up to the task.

    3. Read their code of ethics

    If the code of ethics is ambiguous or there is way too much jargon then tread lightly – they might be trying to hide something.

    4.Do they offer any additional services?

    This might sound simple but in the long run it would be better to have one agency handle your content creation, SEO and maybe a few web design or web development changes.

    5. Have they won any awards?

    These awards not only attest to their excellence but will help in boosting your confidence.

    About the Author: Nathan is an experienced SEO consultant at R.O.I. Media a SEO company based in South Africa. He has helped many clients obtain top 10 positions through the years via search engine marketing.

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