Korg Monotron


Korg Monotron

Monotron from Korg is capable of producing alarming sounds and noise. You can make others scream by carrying it around. It is purely a game boy if you want to create more enemies. This is available for 59 dollars and let me tell you what its feature is and what its flaw is.

I was totally impressed as soon as I saw Monotron and I was sure I will buy one for me. It would be accompanying me wherever I go. The piece is built well and is very light and easy for carrying. The buttons and knobs do not in any way feel like it is of low quality. One more switch is provided for turning on the machine and switch it off. It consists of a speaker in the right front and it has sound controls and outputs at its back. Since it functions with triple-A batteries, no power supply is required for running this.

As advertised by its manufacturer, the unit contains an oscillator for controlling the voltage, and a filter and another oscillator of low frequency (LFO). Even though this appears small, it produces high volume sound. You can make others run with fear by switching this device on. It looks like a beast in your pocket which is capable of producing high pitched sound. It also has one speaker attached so if I feel bored, I would really plug this to my ear whenever I am on the go to enjoy the experience and fun. When you are setting or making adjustments with the sound, LFO unit blinks indicating the effective change. You can set your own patterns with this device. The filter is good enough for producing great sound.

Now it is time for pointing its defect. All the gears included in input and output are of 1/8 jack. It does not match the primary gear band and is not compatible with any of my gears. When the manufacturer has included provision for plugging this into your ear phone then I don’t understand why they have not fitted even one ¼ jacks. The Korg Company says the device is patchable with anything. But I would really appreciate if it has at least one ¼ jack. Power users like me will sincerely be troubled because of this. The unit of ribbon controller seems very small and is difficult to operate especially if you have small fingers like me. Even though these are only small defects, it counts for me a lot. I wish they would include ¼ in both input and output jacks and a medium sized ribbon controller in this device. I am ready to pay double the price if the device has all the above elements. This device from Korg is meant for creating fun and anyone can afford to buy this piece for $59.

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