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Kobo eReaderThis e-reader does not have any notepad, or book marking facility. It is used for reading books only. It has a comfortably big screen and contains total of hundred books, and is priced $150.

Review: This e-reader is of great demand and most preferred book by number of users. Owing to its demand the current price of this e-book may go high. Anyway, the quality of this e-reader and the value of the books contained in it are truly memorable.

To put it straightforward, this e-reader from Kobo is just an e-book and nothing else. You cannot navigate and do any other operation. It does not even have a keyboard, or a library or a calculator and nothing.

You can access to any book using the menu button. You can store your favorite book which you are currently reading in the library. You can adjust the font size using display button. It is possible to read the book in two modes which are portrait mode and landscape mode. The e-reader is very responsive.

It takes less than a minute to download three books and so the speed is great. It automatically adds the book to your reading list. You have to wait for some more minutes if you prefer to load number of books at a time.

The screen looks great in this Kobo e-reader. You can convert the document into PDF format. The letters and graphics are both fine with clarity and brightness. Even though this e-reader does not support many functions the screen looks great for reading comfortably.

On comparing with Kindle, another e-reader, this is somewhat thicker. Even then it is light and handy for carrying around. The rear portion of this e-book is quite soft to touch and comfortable for holding. Since it does not have any keyboard, you can concentrate more on reading than doing other functions.

Anybody can go through the books at the official website of Kobo. But you may need the application for downloading the book in your memory card. The book only contains some synopses and ratings if you wish to read more about the review or passage then you may better go and read at Amazon. The Kobo reader contains PDF, e-Pub, and Adobe format.

You are entitled to read hundred famous classics in this e-reader. The books are chosen for this e-reader after thorough research and analysis. If you are looking for more books then it is available in the library for free.

Good: This e-book is very light and comfortable for carrying around. The classical books included in this reader are just great and memorable.

Bad: This e-reader is fit for only reading and nothing else. You cannot expect more functions in this e-book. Its price is likely to be increased shortly.


Kobo e-reader is the best choice for you if you prefer to read lot of books which are valuable and rich in content. It is recommended for educational institutions.

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