5 Ways to Earn More Swagbucks


If you’ve been using Swagbucks to earn gift cards or cash for any amount of time, you know that it can be incredibly addicting to earn those SBs and see them turned into tangible rewards. You’re likely searching for better ways to earn more Swagbucks, and that’s exactly why we’ve put this article together. Keep reading to learn about five ways that you can earn extra Swagbucks and keep those rewards coming.

  1. Refer Your Friends

We all have that one friend who never seems to have any money. Swagbucks is a great resource for anyone to begin earning extra money. If you’re already a user, referring your friends has one great benefit that will make it completely worth the effort.

When you refer a friend with Swagbucks, you’ll receive ten percent of all of their future Swagbucks earnings. Yes, that’s correct, ten percent of all of their earnings for life. Sound too good to be true? Refer a friend today and learn exactly why so many users are taking advantage of this amazing feature.

By referring a friend, you’ll essentially set up your Swagbucks account to generate passive income. Each time your friends complete any task work, you get a small percentage of the earnings. Couple this with your own task work, and you could be earning hundreds of SBs every month!

  1. Use More Than One Medium

If you’re using Swagbucks, you may not be aware that there are more than just a few methods for generating those precious SBs. Survey taking is the most popular option, and surveys usually only take a few minutes to complete.

There are other methods, however, offered by the site. You can watch videos, surf the web via the Swagbucks search engine (powered by Yahoo), play browser games like Wheel of Fortune or Solitaire, or even shop online to receive various promotions and extra SBs.

You can even participate in the daily poll on the site to get one extra SB per day. That may not seem like much, but if you do it every day for a month, you’re adding an extra 30 SBs to your pool, which could mean the difference between cashing out for a gift card and having to wait for the next survey.

If you set the Swagbucks Search engine as your default, you’ll randomly earn SBs depending on searches and various websites that you visit. You’ll also be notified of any opportunities on other sites to earn SBs, so you’ll always be aware of the best times to generate extra points.

  1. Pay Attention To Social Media

Swagbucks has an impressive social media presence, as well as a blog that you can read to periodically find SB codes to generate more points. If you’re not following the site on Twitter or Facebook, SB codes are also posted randomly to these pages, so you’ll want to follow as soon as possible so you don’t miss any promotions.

Just about all businesses have some form of social media presence, and sometimes the most exclusive offers are reserved for the followers of these pages. Be sure to stay up to date on any promotions that Swagbucks has to offer, don’t miss an opportunity to earn more of those awesome Swagbucks!

  1. Get Coupons From Swagbucks

Let’s see, what could be better than earning Swagbucks for shopping? How about earning SBs for coupons to further discount those items you already purchase frequently? Swagbucks has a great couponing option to help you boost your monthly SB numbers and save you some money at the register.

For every coupon you redeem at the store, you’ll earn 10 SBs. The drawback with this method is the long processing times, with the points usually reflected in your account somewhere around 12 weeks after you’ve redeemed the coupon.

Either way, earning points on coupons is still an easy way to boost those numbers and get your balance to the point where you can cash it out! You only have to print and redeem the coupons directly from the Swagbucks site, it’s that easy.

If you read a Swagbucks review, you’ll know that their coupons are one of the great things about the site, and a differentiating factor between them and the competition. More Swagbucks mean more opportunities for gift cards!

  1. Special Retail Offers

If you like shopping, this is going to change your entire approach. With many connected retailers like Amazon and Wal Mart, Swagbucks has the ability to offer some pretty amazing promotions, and you guessed it; they generate SBs per dollar spent.

The amount can vary per transaction, with anywhere from 2-4 SBs generated per dollar spent. But hey, if you’re going on a large shopping spree, those numbers can add up quickly and bolster your SB balance.

This method takes about 30 days or so to credit to your account, so don’t expect your points to show up right away. However, you can use this service just about as often as you want, so there’s potential to earn quite a few extra SBs just from shopping at your favorite stores.

The Take-Away

Earning money on Swagbucks is simple and efficient if you know what you’re doing. Using multiple mediums, shopping online, and referring friends can help boost those SB numbers and bring you closer to cashing out with gift cards or cash rewards.

The amount of points you can generate is really only limited by the amount of time and effort you’re willing to put into the site, so the more work you put into it, the higher your rewards will be.

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