3 Free Apps & Tools That Diagnose Computer Issues


Nothing is more frustrating than a sluggish computer that always seems to keep you waiting. After all, computers are supposed to be lightening fast, right? While many drag their computers  to GeekSquad, you might find these apps are an economical option for solving the computer problem yourself.

PC Pitstop

Ask anyone with just a bit of computer savviness and they will probably recommend PC Pitstop.  It is a convenient and effective one-stop spot to scan all the details of your computer. Creating a free account allows you to save and compare reports. This software tool will inform you of needed driver upgrades, give you performance updates, and compare your PC with others that have been tested. Of course, the free version does not actually fix any problems, but it can get you pointed in the right direction. In addition, the company offers a free forum where you can interact with other users and seek advice. The forum may be a good place to take your reports and get suggestions for fixing them. Keep in mind, however, that other users may not be experts, so their advice should always be taken with caution.


This completely free program is a very comprehensive system checker for your PC. Like PC Pitstop, it does not offer any fixes, but it certainly does a thorough job of inspecting your computer. According to the designer, the program will even create a zip file with your reports that can be sent to a technician or a friend who has some computer expertise. The program can be run from a flash drive, making it even more versatile.


Ranked as a top choice among some PC users, SIW (System Information for Windows) is another very thorough computer examiner. It will discover all the software information on your computer, provide the hardware and network information, and offer real-time monitors of critical PC performance indicators such as CPU, Page File usage, and network traffic. This is a standalone program that can be run without being installed, and can also operate from a flash drive.

Utilizing the Tools
For the computer illiterate, diagnostic tools do little to help your computer up and running again. However, the information provided can be a great springboard for those with a little knowledge, or access to others who can help them out. One of the nice features of PC Pitstop is the free user forum where advice and tips can be shared back and forth.

Even if your computer is not currently experiencing problems, these diagnostic tools can still be great tools. Running a test while your computer is operating well creates a baseline which can be compared later. Frequent baseline tests are great tools that your computer technician will be glad to see if the time comes to take your computer in for a tune-up.

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