6 Ways Tech Has Influenced Gaming


Tech and gaming have always had a symbiotic relationship. As advancements are made in one field, the other typically follows. This is especially true as more video game companies rely on technology to improve game mechanics and boost the profile of their releases. It’s easy to see why. Game developers are often skilled programmers, and software developers share many of the same skills with gaming professionals. So how exactly does this influence the end result? When it comes to the intersection between the gaming and tech industries, there are several things you should be aware of. Read on if you want to learn about six crucial ways tech has influenced gaming. Some of them are good, some of them are bad and some of them are ugly. The continual evolution of both industries, however, indicates that the relationship will continue to grow and inspire innovation on both sides.

6 Ways Tech Has Influenced Gaming

Gaming Mechanics Continue Evolving

One of the most essential aspects of a game is its mechanics. No matter how compelling the storyline is or how incredible the graphics are, lackluster mechanics will totally ruin a gamer’s experience. Tech has developed a number of new mechanics that have greatly improved games and led to experiences that are richer and fuller. Mechanics refers to rules and methods of user interaction within a game. Though there are some that will always be classics, gamers generally agree that technological progress has brought some of the best mechanics yet, and they will only continue to improve.

Patches Provide a Better Gaming Experience

Software developers have long accepted that the first version release will not be the last. Updating and adapting are necessities, and tech developers accomplish this by either releasing new versions of their products or patches for existing versions. Patches are software designed to fix bugs and improve user experience, and they have become a standard feature of games, too. Prior to this innovation, buggy games were simply written off. You can now expect continual improvement when there are issues and problems with a game, and you have tech to thank for the inspiration to continue fixing things.

Players Can Connect and Share Easily

For tech innovators, few features are valued so highly as the ability to network. Interactivity and collaborative functions are essentials in software and computing. This has become increasingly true of gaming, too. While single player mode might have previously been the only player mode, it is now just one of many options for gaming. Others typically allow you to play with friends and family who are next to you or access a live game session through an internet connection. Innovators like Bobby Kotick, CEO of Activision Blizzard, have picked up on the trend and invested in live gaming properties.

Developers Are Listening to Feedback

Tech has always emphasized function over artistry. While software development is certainly an art, the end user’s experience with the product is more important than anything else. Gaming, on the other hand, has sometimes championed the creative vision of developers above the demands of players. This, much to the chagrin of players, has been the norm for quite a while. The video game industry has learned from the tech industry, however, that customers must come first. Gamers are gaining ground in having their voices heard and their feedback valued. This will continue to improve the games that are made.

Players Are Gaining More Control

In addition to collaboration, customization is one of the more important elements in tech development. Empowering users with the ability to control their experience is one of the most appealing features a product can have, and tech has known this for a long time. Gaming, however, hasn’t always been as user-friendly as it is now. Recent developments have made great improvements in providing players with the ability to customize the experience they have playing a game. New releases from Activision Blizzard, for example, include properties acquired by CEO bobby kotick that allow you to specify a number of metrics.

The Gaming Experience is Expanding

Video games have evolved tremendously from their origins in arcades. For the past several years, however, it might have seemed that they have stalled with typical consoles and games. That changed completely with the announcement of several virtual reality platforms that will have games available soon. The video game industry is progressing and expanding faster than ever before, and like the tech industry, it will continue to provide users with increasingly impressive experiences. As gaming continues to establish itself between the tech and entertainment industries, players will benefit and see high quality releases from developers. There are plenty of other ways tech and gaming work together. Both industries continue to advance, and players continue to enjoy the development of new experiences. The future will reveal how these two sectors can bring out the best in each other and give users what they want.

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