Kirby’s Game of Epic Yarn


Kirby’s Game of Epic Yarn

You cannot find a suitable game for small kids other than this one called Kirby. Some games are flooded with violence and some others like Smash Brothers are really hard and Mario games are injurious and boring also.

All the above reasons induced me to try Kirby’s game of Epic. This game is designed simple and is best suited for kids due to the animation effects combined with prehistoric story. If you are really stressed out then you can have some fun by playing this game.

Let me tell some of the essential elements before you actually start playing Kirby. The game is so simple that you need not even read or understand about the methods of playing Kirby. This game is ideal for those Dads who wish to join and guide their kids.

Here Kirby is pushed into a sewing bin and forced to live in that place with yarn king. Your job is to sew the world of yarn king and protect his kingdom. It is an interesting game to play with your kids.

This game has a friendly user interface system. You need not worry of playing with your kid since this game is designed simple. And even if you are landed up with plenty of problems you will not die. Sometimes, the Kirby falls down from the screen and do not panic, since an angel will bring you back to the game. If any enemy pinches you then you will loose all your ornaments and beads. Your task lies in collecting some amount of beads for winning the game. So, if you loose all the beads ask your kid to collect beads from the beginning and in the mean time you can relax a little.

In case if your son becomes tired of playing, then you can continue the game to win the race. You can try to rope your rivals until you finish off with them. It is really precious to spend quality time with your family and help your kid to reach higher level, and this Kirby gives you a chance for that.

Another game with minimal level is designed especially for OCD kids are also available in Kirby. The game level is designed very easy with in built animation effects so that you are not getting bored when new elements are often cropping in. The graphics displayed are just great with good colors and clarity. Even though Kirby is a rat you will admire his talents and how he is capable of smashing his enemies fierce fully.

This game in store something even for you and I. Your kids feel proud of achieving something when he destroys the enemy and if you are his loving Dad you have the fun of spending quality time with him. This game is apt for kids below 8 years only since it is somewhat childish.

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