Time Flies: Our Obsession With Timekeeping


We all use phrases and expressions about time without even thinking. Time is money, time flies, clock-watching, time is a great healer and quality time are expressions which are used every day, all around the world. Why is time such a huge part of our language and culture?


In the past, the measurement of time was a mystery to most of our distant ancestors. They were governed purely by the sun and the available hours of daylight and measured time in terms of sunrise, midday and sunset. Despite the lack of clocks, even the ancient people understood the phases of the moon, the changing seasons and how the height of the sun in the sky varied throughout the year. Monuments such as Stonehenge were perfectly positioned to take advantage of the position of the midsummer sun.


Some of the best-known quotes in the English language come from the works of William Shakespeare, and he has plenty to say on the subject of time. The most famous passage in Macbeth, in which the protagonists expresses his feelings on his wife’s death start with “Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow, creeps in this petty pace from day to day”. Other famous authors include time as a prominent theme in their works the bending of time has been a theme in novels as diverse as Harry Potter and The Time Machine.

Ruled by the Clock?

More than ever, our lives are controlled by time. Whether it is train timetables, working hours, what time a favourite soap is on TV or how many days there are before a holiday, it is hard to get through a day without thinking about time or ensuring appointments are met on time. Clocks are everywhere; on the toolbar of our computers, on the kitchen oven or cooker, in our cars and on our wrists. Very few people carry a formal pocket watch these days, and most of us wear a battery operated wristwatch such as the ultra-modern Ladies Fossil Ceramic Watch. Watches are as much about a fashion statement as they are a practical item, and many people have a variety of different wristwatches which they change according to their outfit or situation, for example wearing their Ladies Fossil Ceramic watch for work, and something more brightly coloured or bejeweled for a night out on the


Despite the fact that clocks are everywhere, sometimes being late is unavoidable. In the UK we are much more uptight about lateness than some of our European neighbours, where an arrangement to meet at a certain time is seen as an estimate rather than a definite time. Sometimes being late doesn’t matter much, but when it comes to catching a flight or arriving at work, good timekeeping is a must. Good habits can be instilled in children early by ensuring that they are always at school on time, and that they understand the importance of not being late or keeping other people waiting for them to arrive for an appointment.

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