Four iPhone Apps For American League Central Division Baseball Fans


All roads to the World Series lead through the American League Central Division. The eastern and western divisions get all of the press. But they must still defeat the champion of the central division before they can go to the big show. Central to the Central Division is the communities that make up the Midwest; the plucky teams that emanate from this region exude all of the spirit with which they embolden the Central’s play. The apps in this list will keep you on top of the permutations of the AL West like nothing this side of cyber space. Cleveland Indian’s edition Cleveland Indians Edition documents everything that you want to know about the tribe and its goings on throughout the baseball season. Manny Acta got the Indians off to a nice start but there will be a lot of competition for the Central Division’s title in 2012. Make sure that you stay on top of the standings and all of those roster moves by making this app a part of your iPhone’s stable of programs. What’s cool is that you can upload pics from the game right into the newsroom. Another nice feature is the Cleveland weather report for game days.

South Side Rundown (Chicago White Sox)

South Side Rundown has what some apps do not, a genuine local perspective. There is nothing like the sympathetic and in-depth coverage that only the hometown paper exudes, especially when that paper is the Chicago Tribune. Of course the paper part is optional, the content being also available electronically online. But you get the drift. Over the course of the long baseball season, the Tribune’s staff of reporters gets to know the manager and players. And through their ever-blossoming relationships you can as well. South Side Rundown lets you put in your two cents with its comment feature.

Detroit Tigers on

Detroit Tigers on empowers you with more information than you can shake a paw at. The hit and runs, the picks and the videos, the claws and the bytes, the ifs and the might’s, they’re all there. The Tigers have the depth to go all the way once again this year. They’re no guarantees, or crying in baseball, at least not on the field. To put a tiger in your iPhone, do be sure to get this app. Follow all of the intrigue as the Detroit team takes on all comers in its headlong pursuit of its first World Series win since 1984.

Kansas City Baseball Live

Kansas City Baseball Live gives you the facts and figures to help you figure out what the chances of your favorite team are at any given moment. Unfortunately for Royals fans the chances are not especially favorable at any time. Still, it is a new season and it ain’t over until it’s over. To be a fan, one must cultivate optimism. With the Royals, this dictum is stretched to the limit. The 2012 All Star game will be played in their Kauffman Stadium. At least the Royals don’t have to worry about a lot of their key players getting tired out playing in such an exhibition.

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