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Do you agree that JPG corruption is the most common scenario faced by us at some point of time? Ask a photographer who takes thousands of photographs during a month or so. And not considering only professional photographers but lay users (like me and you) are the ones most troubled by the JPEG corruption. JPG is the most popular and widely accepted image file type across the world, supported by nearly all digital cameras. Being popular and widely used may be one of the reasons of most cases reported of corruption amongst JPEG. But let’s now highlight some common points held responsible for JPEG file corruptions:

  • Header Corruption of JPG file
  • Improper formatting of the storage media containing JPG files
  • System experiencing hazardous power jolts
  • Brusque close up of the computer
  • Indecent transfer of JPG files from a media to another
  • Memory card errors may also lead to image corruption
  • Images are frequently targeted by malicious programs.
  • Can’t rule the volume corruption (HDD too)
  • Many times images would work fine on a media but when viewed on another device they may appear distorted.

There might be few more reasons to be blamed for the image file corruption. If you possess knowledge of some then please share in the commenting (I would really appreciate your inputs). But, with too many uncontrollable reasons for a JPG corruption, are we not limited to its solution?

  • Corrupt JPG file are often made to open in different image viewing programs.
  • Renaming the file extension of the file to other common file type such as .bmp, .png, .tiff is one of another method implemented by users in hope to get the image corrupt.
  • If the image was formerly backed-up on an external media then there is strong reason to smile as the corruption of the file won’t bother you and me at all.
  • In case it was not backed-up which usually happens, then helping ourselves using the Internet technology comes into operation. Thanks to the Google, which produces some great results in finding out the best deal to repair a corrupt JPG file when all the above applied methods result in no gain?

A JPG file repair tool is enormously serviceable software which can handle many species of errors encountered on a Mac/Memory Card. I would like to share the fatal errors which you might have come across.


A new repair tool for JPG on the roll – Just got a feed from a leading recovery website about the launch of the JPEG file repair tool for Mac OS X Lion, Mountain Lion (Supporting till 10.5).

Here is a quick sneak peek of the tool:

  • Mend Corrupt JPG files (single & multiple files)
  • Draw Thumbnails from images
  • Breed preview through scan, repairs and ultimately save the mended JPG back on the hard drive.

Here is how the screen-shots tell the complete story:

1.That’s fine, because it straight-away tells the end-user to either ‘Repair the JPEG files’ or ‘Extract Thumbnails’.


2. Now comes in the real deal when the second interface window permits to add as many corrupted files for complete repair and recovery. The “+-” sign (arrowed) can be easily related to the Mac’s own way of adding/removing files into the bar. Once the files are queued up, the user may go for ‘Extracting the thumbnails’ as well. Time now to click the blue colored button which is ‘Repair File”

error 3.The repaired images are then listed in the left side of the tool where they can be clicked for the preview. “Save” button does the job of saving the repaired files on user desired location.


Free Evaluation: By the end of the article, I would like to thank the S.I.S.L. for allowing me to review the software by myself. I would like all Mac users to download a free copy of Stellar Phoenix JPG Repair (Mac) today for free and fare evaluation.

Visit the download page to own a free copy now: Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair for Mac

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