Top 6 Messaging Apps for Free


These days, mobile messages bring a vast business as ‘scores’ of innovative and produced mobile messaging ‘applications’ plus the social networking ‘features’, as well as vie to attain the potential demand for SMS services and free mobile calling. In addition, it assists to improve the ‘usability’ of the Smart phones, Androids and iPhones.  Interactive mobile applications assist the customers from all activities in life. And below are five lists of the mobile apps, which are offered for instant download.

Top 6 Messaging Apps for Free

1: SMS Tracker and Remote Call

In point of fact, the SMS tracker and remote call are both good work for Androids (Cell phone spy). Customers can trace ‘what went before’ SMS messages and phone calls, and get the information of call duration and some tidbits the ‘detail oriented’ succeed on. SMS tracker and remote call are at no cost to download, and able to use at any kinds of phone calls, which either missed calls, incoming or outgoing calls.

2: Image Studio with Auto Sketch

Those people who love to update their FB (facebook) wall each day are ‘no stranger’ to image posting. Then those people who post images on social media like in Twitter or Facebook each day, via Image Studio with Auto Sketch app for iOS platform, they are able to post more. Image Studio with Auto Sketch assists you to enhance ordinary images to a custom painting via adding ‘special’ effects. This app is offered for free including iTunes, which a reliable way to make friends impressed and entertained.

3: Asphalt-6 Adrenaline

Those persons, who love auto racing, will satisfy of the Asphalt-6 Adrenaline application. The same with some racing game entertainments on PS3, XBOX and more, they allow the customers to open a compilation of 42 bikes and cars into several manufactures. Customers can ‘race’ up to ‘6’ players, and were expecting that in ‘6’ the name will derive.  In 55 full events, the BlackBerry customers can have this at no cost till the program blows.

4: Funny Call

Usually, people do a prank call at ‘some time’ or ‘another’. However the Funny Call application for Android phone becomes a jokester into a full new stage. Not just can customers do a prank call at anyplace all over the world, yet customers can also allow themselves to sound like a catty woman or a creepy man via a built-in voice changer. Funny Call brags a multitude of voices such as aliens, chipmunks and some weird voices, which the person can’t identify whoever calling on his/her phone. The ‘Funny Call’ application is offered at no cost and able to access with a ‘short trial period’ chosen for universal prank calls.

5: Little Empire

Massively multiplayer online (MMO) betting fanatics will take advantage of their ‘little empire’ all over the places they go. The process is very easy, yet the combat will be ‘anything’ but.  Create a head out and empire to tear down the others. ‘Little Empire’ loads on the ‘Android platform’ well, and it is for at no cost to download.

6: Viber

This application is very common and known as at no cost mobile messaging, which the piggybacks on ‘Wifi’ or the data arrangement and a mobile phone customer has able to do a voice call and a SMS message – which are not tallied as part their ‘carrier’s’ text messaging plan or paid calling plan. Lastly, the company’s tag-line is ‘connect. Freely’.


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