Top 3 Skin Care Apps For Android


The Android App Market has a wide variety of offerings for everyone to enjoy. Some of these are games, some are for weight loss and some are for beauty. There are literally thousands of different choices available. Skin care apps are becoming increasingly popular with the awareness of skin cancers and the risks of exposure to UV rays. The apps available in the Android market range from free to a few dollars for the download. You can pick and choose which seem like those you will get the most use out of.

1. Home Remedies – Free

This app focuses on cheap, easy and natural home remedies for common ailments, including different skin conditions. All you have to do is look up the ailment you’re suffering from, and then a variety of different remedies will show up. For example, one home remedy for acne is to apply a mixture of lemon and ground cinnamon to the affected area. There are a lot of easy to make and effective remedies you can choose from. Before you go purchase products for skin care you can use this app to see what you can make at home!

2. Skin Care Recipes – Free

This is a very useful app if you enjoy using face masks and creams. There are recipes for how to make masks, treatments, massage oils, moisturizers and so much more. There are also new recipes being added so you can find just what you need. Each recipe also offers an explanation of why and how it works. This has a lot of great reviews from those that have downloaded it through the Androids market.

3. Skin Care Secrets – Free

After downloading this you will have access to a wide variety of skin care secrets. This includes information on how to avoid aging, what to do about wrinkles and how to have more flawless skin. There are tips, articles and even Youtube videos included with this app. You will be able to find out a lot of information about your skin so you can take better care of it. There is also an online store linked to this app that has skin care products with reviews where users can say what worked for them.

There are many other apps that can be downloaded by users who want them. Some give tips on how to take care of the skin, some give makeup tips and others offer information on sun exposure. Since they don’t take long to download they might be well worth trying out for anyone. There are also new apps coming out in the market all the time.

The star rating on the bottom of the app can help you choose which to download. You can also read reviews about the apps if you want to find out if they are worth the price. Most are pretty affordable so you won’t have much to lose. You can open these whenever you want after they have been downloaded!

Max is an expert with beauty tips and skin care information. He writes articles for RemoveSkinMoles.Com, a website that offers free information about beauty and the most effective skin mole removal methods.

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