A User Review of Park Rush HD for iPhone


In Park Rush HDIn Park Rush HD, you get to run frantically around a parking lot, trying to get cars parked and retrieved for short-tempered customers with a bad attitude. You get to mage the whole parking lot in the persona of either Lilian or Johnny – you get to choose who you want to play as when the game is first launched. Then, various customers make an appearance, all of whom want their cars safely and correctly moved and parked. More and more customers appear, many of them appearing identical, and then at the other end of the lot an new queue of customers starts to form ,and these all want their cars identified and brought to them.

Unhappily for you, none of the customers are at all patient, and if you are too slow in giving them service, they start to literally steam as they turn bright red. Your goal is to earn tips and revenue by parking cars and returning them within the time limit. In order to make it to the next level, you have to achieve a specific target in terms of earnings. If you don’t get it right, the game mocks you mercilessly by displaying the word ‘loser’ in giant letters.

There isn’t any sort of tutorial, so you have to learn the game by trial and error. But once you work out just where you need to tap the screen, you’ll find the game goes pretty smoothly. The learning curve is pretty steep, though, because of the set time limits. You’ll also soon discover that success requires a fair amount of thinking ahead, so that you don’t find yourself blocking in cars that you’re going to need to retrieve. Get it wrong, and you’ll find yourself moving and shuffling cars around while your short-fused customers grow ever more impatient, and become more and more angry with you.

The more skillful you become in Park Rush HD, the more challenging the game will become. The quicker you become, and the longer you survive, the quicker the customers will appear and start demanding service. And the further into the game you make it, the more impatient your customers are, as your time limit to park or to retrieve their cars grow shorter and shorter.

If you fancy a bit of a challenge, and think you can keep your cool as more and more demands are made on you by difficult customers, you might want to give Park Rush HD a try.

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