Digital Photo Frames And Hotels


Digital Photo Frames and Hotels

Businesses large and small are discovering that they can do commercial advertising with a simple and affordable tool–the digital photo frame. A hotel could easily benefit from using a digital photo frame whether they have one person at the check in desk or five. They can also be used in the hotel’s restaurant or breakfast area.

Using Digital Photo Frames at the Check in Desk

The check in desk is probably one of the best places to display a hotel’s digital photo frame. Everyone has to check in, so this means that everyone has to see the frame. If you have a small check in desk with only one person, you will probably only want to buy one frame. However, if you have multiple people who work the desk, you might want a frame for each person or station.

You can load the frame with images on the hotel, especially the hotel’s amenities such as a spa, a pool, or a fitness area. You can also include images of the hotel’s suites and rooms. With this your guests will be able to see what is available while they are checking into the hotel.

Since the frame can display images that you create as well as photos, you can load these frames will all sorts of useful information. You can also load the frame with the hotel’s logo and information, such as its address and phone number. This is a useful piece of information for your guests who might need to tell a cab driver where the hotel is located.

Other useful information would be the hours of your pool and your fitness center. Even if they are open twenty-four hours a day, this is good information to include on the frame. You can also include the hours during which breakfast is served. If you have different levels of breakfast (such as continental or full breakfast) you can include that information as well.

Even if you tell all of your customers all of the information that you include on your frame, it is still a good idea to display it. This way all the customers can see and hear the information, which makes it easier to remember. In addition to being informational, the digital photo frame looks nice, especially if you take the time to load it with high quality images. Additionally, you can leave the digital photo frame running even when the check in desk is unoccupied or closed. When a customer walks by with a question, he or she might be able to find it on the digital photo frame.

Depending on the size of your counter space, you will probably want to purchase an eight to twelve inch digital photo frame. This way they will be easy to see and eye catching. You can find these frames for around $100 to $150. With these frames being so affordable, many hotels can easily afford to purchase a couple. They are useful, easy to use, and attractive, and digital photo frames will make a great addition to any hotel, large or small.

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