SEO House of Horrors


“Trick or treat?” “Err treat please!” Yes, believe it or not it’s that time of the year again, when ghosts rise from the grave, vampires sweep across the night air, and SEO consultants hang their heads in their hands as page visits start to fall with no apparent reason. Is this a spooky coincidence, a spiritual intervention, or a sudden dip which happens now and again?
SEO House of Horrors
Aside from being a terrifying coincidence which makes your blood run cold, your SEO campaign will sometimes be subjected to a few dips and dives that are commonly associated with a ride on the haunted house. To keep your campaign healthy, it’s best not to fear the dreaded drop commonly associated with the shift in seasonal trends, but instead stride ahead of the competition with a wilful desire to be unfazed by these rare supernatural phenomenon’s.

SEO Horror House: How to Get out Alive

What with Google releasing panda and SEO being a rule unto itself, the number of searches some keyword receives has plummeted. So, as a SEO consultant amidst a zombie attach leeching the searches away from your site, it’s time to pull a few tricks to climb both you and your website out of a sticky situations and claw back the number of keyword searches, page visits and ultimately, sale conversions your site receives.

Tip One: Keyword Alterations

They say that there is an online monster that lurks from one website to another eating all of the page visits when there is a shift in seasonal trends. To ensure that he doesn’t pay a visit to your website, you need healthy and relevant keywords which will fight this bizarre monster should he be tempted to crawl onto your site.

A good example of a keyword being affected by seasonal change is ‘swimming pool supplies’, it’s great during the summer, yet when early autumn hits less people are likely to search for it. To tackle this, you need to think outside of the box and get creative against such tricky delights. In this instance, instead of enjoying the swimming during summer, you’d promote keeping the pool clean throughout winter with ‘swimming pool chemicals’.

This is one tip which will combat this SEO horror, and see that you outwit the winter ghouls that stalk your URL links.

Tip Two: Special Offers

To stop the moths from making a permanent residence on your website you’ll need to think outside of the box, and come up with special offers to drive traffic to your site, and make everything that goes bump in the night flutter away with a scare.

This is particularly useful if you are an ecommerce site and you want to increase sales of the products you currently stock.

Tip Three: Marketing Strategy

Now you’re prepared with the necessary survival tools, you now need to start promoting your new keywords. To do this, you can take the pick of one or many of the effective means of increasing your keyword ranking authority.

Fully equipped with an array of marketing campaigns, you can use article marketing, social media, guest blogging and press releases to promote and expose your new keyword. This will give you all the ammunition you need to fight of the SEO monsters that creep out regardless of the hour.

Although a brief guide, hopefully it’s enough to help you survive the Halloween antics of online SEO.

Written by Gayle Brown, Content Writer for a leading SEO company who specialise in various aspects of internet marketing such as eMarketing, social media and PPC.

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