5 Reasons Your Office Should Go Virtual


5 Reasons Your Office Should Go Virtual

Cloud computing and colocation facilities have made the need for most offices absolutely obsolete. Simply by choosing to hire a Boston, Atlanta or Toronto colocation center to manage your hosting, your business can obtain numerous perks, the likes of which will definitely outweigh the negative impact of shutting down your office. A few reasons you should turn your office into a virtual office include:

No Rent

For most offices, aside from salaries, rent is the highest cost associated with doing business. Offices can expect to pay several hundred, if not thousands, of dollars in rent monthly, and the space provided serves no real purpose. It’s just a place for your employees to hang out together all day and work. Instead of paying those high rent fees, close office doors and put more money towards expansion.

No Office Politics

When you don’t have to keep people cooped up in an office day in and day out, office politics and the drama and parties that generally waste office time are no longer a problem. Gossip fades away and employees generally aren’t bickering among themselves. You also don’t have to waste time with office birthday parties. Instead everyone can remain relaxed in their own homes.

No Disgruntled Employees

Telecommuters are naturally happier employees. Being able to manage much of their own schedules, not having to fight morning traffic, and being trusted to get their work done on their own time makes them happier. And happier employees are more productive employees.

No Sick Days

Sick days can cost a business thousands. However, if all your employees are working from home, sick days don’t really apply. Employees can still sick at home in their pajamas while working. For a business this means productivity can continue at a steady rate, no matter what happens.

No Dressing Up

Professional attire is expensive and generally uncomfortable. With a virtual office, you or your employees don’t have to dress up which is definitely a moral booster. Instead they can work from home in their jeans and tees or even in their pajamas if they so choose.

With allowing your business to go virtual, you simply need to make sure that you have good, affordable hosting and that your employees have adequate computers. Otherwise, you are free of many of the expenses and restraints normally associated with having a traditional office space. The Age of Technology has made life overall easier to manage, why not make it less costly too by allowing your office to go virtual.

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