Dreamscape the Unique Bubble Arcade Game


Dreamscape the Unique Bubble Arcade GameA large percentage of iPhone users have found themselves playing a bubble popping game, either when they are bored, scrolling their phone, in the middle of a call or emails. Usually, these kind of apps are totally free and may be developed as pointless observation of finger flexibility and speed. Dreamscape is a Bubble popping arcade game which is the Barefoot Explorers version of the unpopular typical bubble game. It has some differences in comparison to other bubble games. Therefore, if you love bubble games, then find out what makes Dreamscape tick in comparison to the other bubble arcade games that are readily available.

Note that Dreamscape is not a free app. You must pay for it or simply purchase it. This is unlike most apps of the same class as Dreamscape that are totally free. Therefore, Dreamscape has to convince its users that it is simply the best and worth purchasing. Dreamscape has got some features of an arcade game such as, a few total number of misses, time restrictions, level progression, bonus and combo points. Though made up very simply, Dreamscape seems to have much more detail than the other free apps. This ranks it higher than the other free apps.  For anyone to purchase Dreamscape, then they must feel that it has some additions over and above the rest.

To the naked eye, Dreamscape appears beautiful and appealing. It has different kinds backgrounds at the various levels. These are displayed at random. Awarding of points is based on the magnitude of the bubble and the quantity of the bubbles popped. With Combo, three or more bubbles are popped and award the most points while you have the bonus bubbles appearing randomly to add up to the score. The game comes to an end when you run out of misses or encounter the toxic bubble.

Dreamscape has a seemingly confusing scoring style. This is due to the fact that the Combos are very hard to identify. You need a bit of more experience to be able to study the game and understand how to make the highest scores. Dreamscape definitely has a competitive niche over bubble popping.

In a nutshell, Dreamscape can be described as fun, exciting and the at the same time challenging. Remember it is not free. It goes for a justifiable dollar, as it is more superior than the other apps in its class. Its beauty and simplicity make it a very suitable option. Dreamscape has more additions as compared to the other free apps. With Dreamscape you will definitely get value for money. If you love bubble games then try out Dreamscape for maximum fun and entertainment.

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