Microsoft Launches new Series of Phones


So finally, software giant Microsoft unveiled a new series rather a new line of phones that is powered by its Windows Software. These various kinds of phones are being released by Microsoft in order to cut down market share of Apple Inc. Apple and Google are turned out to be the kings in the Smartphone market; Apple released its iPhone 4 which took the Smartphone market by storm. Google on the other hand has Android Platform that is becoming and turning out to be fast growing mobile software and Google’s Android powers multitude of devices ranging from HTCs to Samsung.

One of the largest software makers, Microsoft is sincerely hoping that the new phones released will be a game changer for them. Handsets makers including LG, HTC, Samsung and Dell Inc. have released their phones that are powered by Microsoft’s Windows phone 7 Mobile OS. Analysts at Microsoft are hoping that this release of the phones will propel them back into the mobile phones market, especially the Smartphones. Mobile computing according to some industry experts will be the future of computing and Microsoft is taking its chances to become successful.

The new line of phones that will be initially available on AT&T Inc. network in the US and according to the analysts the phones released are very much similar in the looks as that of Apple’s iPhone. The devices have a colorful touch interfaces and incorporate “tiles” for easy and seamless access to Web, Music and loads of other applications.

According to the experts at the industry, this is a last chance for Microsoft to catch up with Smartphone giants, Apple and Google that overtook this profitable market a year ago.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer while showing off the nine models of the phones at a formal launch event in New York said that all the people at Microsoft have been looking at this event. Ballmer in his address admitted that Microsoft has missed a generation of market share because of lacking in Smartphone making policy but these phones will be available in 30 countries and with more than 60 carriers.

The first phone that will be released from AT&T will cost $200 and will be available on 8th November, said by AT&T Mobility and Consumer expert CEO Ralph.

Microsoft has a total of 5 percent share in the global Smartphone market as per the survey carried out by the survey firm Gartner, compared with a total 9 percent share that the company had about a year ago. Google’s Android platform has a total share of 17 percent in the market.

Well, it is a very obvious fact that the market for specifications heavy phones is bound to expand; phones which offers features like Web surfing, e-mail and multimedia contents are ready to fly-off. Gartner says in its survey that within this year a massive amount of 270 million phones are bound to be sold. Just after the release of its phones, Microsoft share went up by5 cents and closed at $24.62 on NASDAQ.

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