Another Web Camera from Microsoft: Studio 1080p


Studio 1080p

It is somewhat big and certainly improved model of High Definition cameras.

Features: It has 1080 pixels sensor and the unit comes with a tripod. It is available for $100.

Good: The overall quality of the image is good even in dim lighting condition. It covers a broader angle than expected. It is convenient to take it with you along with its clip and tripod mount.

Bad: The web camera is much bigger in size and its auto focus unit is not consistent.

Review: I feel strongly that Studio 1080p is the best model of web camera which is sold in the market. This model is an upgraded version from its predecessor which contains 720pixel and this model with 1080p is surely at the forefront of all other cameras on sale.

Generally I do not rely on the advertisement posed by the Company during the launch of the product since they do that for publicity. But that is not entirely true with this camera. And I strongly believe that the Studio 1080 is much better than the previous model of Life cam and I have tested by taking a still from both the cameras and the results itself speak about the better quality of the image.

On comparing the results of photos taken with both the cameras, one thing is evident. The auto focus element is not concentrated in both the pictures. The camera gives more importance to the environment than the main subject. Fortunately, it is possible to alter the focus by hand so that is not a problem with this web camera. In case if you plan to record a video using this camera then there may be some issues arising out of its auto focus wizard.

The ratio of widescreen is big and hence the other party who views your image through the camera can see something apart from your face like any other things in the room. This feature of widescreen image is ideal if you are shooting in full screen mode.

You can make use of the entire 1080pixels in many ways. You can shoot pictures, make a live video recording but for doing video chatting, you have to depend only on Live Messenger from Microsoft.

One small button is found on the head of camera which allows you to initiate taking photos. If its design allows them to accommodate a button then it would have been better if they have placed the microphone bit closer.

Yet another addition to Studio 1080p is its tripod mount stand. This idea of having a webcam mounted on small tripod should well be appreciated. This camera fits well with your laptop also. And in future you need not change the direction of the computer for taking photos because the camera is capable of rotating suitably for taking good pictures.


This model is luxurious and performs reasonably well for its price. But it has to wait for more opportunities to perform efficiently.

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