MPro 150 Pico Projector from 3M


M Pro 150

M Pro 150 model is basically like its predecessor M Pro 120 with features like SD card, internal storage, and screen menu. Its projector is similar to that of 120 model and this will work efficiently only on dark room settings. Since it does not support HD the brightness and resolution cannot be to our expectation.

Even though current model (M Pro 150) has some additional features all the errors in this piece will be made good only in the next version may be M Pro 170 or any other name. And this is not the right choice for watching movies or any other videos.

This projector contains various features like MP3, MP4, BMP, PDF, JPG, Excel and Word. The text documents are clear and easily accessible but the process is bit slowly. It is possible to magnify or alter any document using different formats including PDF. The photographic pictures were brilliant with sharp images, except for some drawings which was not very clear. On the whole, the screen display was literally slow process and you will get the desired picture and there is no chance that the projector will not display or just forget to display.

The projector does not support any files which could be accessed without internet connection like WMV, FLV, MOV, OGG, MKV and more. No doubt MP4 is quite famous but the device does not operate all the MP4 I needed. I tried one document with different format of H264 but that showed some error and could not be opened. When I played some movie it was too stretching and there is no method for changing the ratio of stretching. The sad part is there is no option for altering any video and you have the option to pause it or play it or switch to the next.

The sound quality was solid and high. There is no need to attach any external speaker for hearing to this, even though there is no ‘bass’ mechanism.

The entire unit was longer in size and heavier. It is becomingly difficult to manage the projector’s weight on the given small tripod. Somehow, I was able to work out without breaking the device. Few buttons are very hard to ‘press’. The reason for this is pressure your finger exerts may be bending the legs.


The M Pro 150 is available for $400 and is not negotiable. You may buy its earlier version for little less cost $250 if you are planning to play a video/movie from external connection. But in case you wish to project some word/text documents in a room then this M Pro 150 is the right choice. For watching movies and videos (converting from Micro SD) at your house you have to wait sometime for its next version from M Pro. They have to decided to keep this M Pro 150 3M as simple but it does not serve any purpose. After going through the feedback of this 3M model, perhaps they would come out with better projector very shortly.

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