2013 Coil Winding, Insulation And Electrical Manufacturing Exhibitions


It might surprise some people to hear that the Coil Winding, Insulation and Electrical Manufacturing Exhibition has been running for 17 years now. It always had big appeal to anyone involved in repair industries for electro magnets, transformers and motors, but that appeal continues to grow. Thanks to a winning combination of new products and techniques, along with some top industry experts, the show attracts people from over 40 countries. Apparently more than half of the people that attended the show in Germany last year were from outside the country. So here’s a look at some of the international venues on offer to visitors next year.

Guangzhou, China

The first exhibition of the year takes place from the 8th to the 10th of May in the centre of Guangzhou, China. This is an increasingly international city, and one that offers everything you could need to stay in luxury. There’s a pair of five-star hotels that cater to the conference, named the China Hotel and the Dong Fang Hotel. Some people may be daunted by the prospect of travel at the hectic pace of East Asian cities, but with an airport express line connecting the exhibition centre, as well as two subway stops which connect straight to the northern and southern hubs of the city you’ll find it easy to get around.

 CWIEME, Germany

From the 4th – 6th June Messe in Berlin is hosting the CWIEME. Germany is a natural choice of venue, not just for its central location in Europe but also because it’s become something of a natural home for manufacturing for the continent. This is regarded as one of the top international conferences, with guests and lecturers from all over the globe flocking here to enjoy the show. For people willing to invest in a great exhibition this is a top place to head to. There are also easy connections from the airport, so no worries about getting lost along the way.

Donald E Stephens Convention Centre, Chicago

From 21st – 23rd October Chicago will host the exhibition. Get in on the action by finding your way to the Donald E Stephens Convention Centre in Rosemont – it’s just a few minutes from Chicago O’Hare International Airport, so that certainly makes things easy. If you get a chance it’s also nice to take in the sights of the windy city – pronounce that how you will coil winders – and sample some of the world famous food or check out the fantastic jazz scene.

Bangalore Internation Exhibition Centre (BIEC)

In November 2013 – exact dates yet to be decided – the Bangalore Internation Exhibition Centre (BIEC) will play host to CWIEME. This is a great venue to pack everything into, with a state of the art conference centre offering great floor space and comfort to the many guests that will visit. It is 18 km from the city centre, but with so many great places to eat, and so much comfort on site you won’t find yourself lacking anything by being on the outskirts.

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Kevin Harolds supplied this post. Kevin is an engineering enthusiast and writes on behalf of McKinlays Electrical Ltd from the UK.

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