The App for Habitual Drinkers – Cocktail HD on your iPhone and iPad


The app for habitual drinkers – Cocktail HD on your iPhone and iPad

Cocktail HD is the perfect app for you if you are in favor of drinking cocktail mix. If you are a female reader, then switch on to Pocket Cocktails review. Generally you will be mixing five parts of gin and one part of vermouth for making a martini. You can also mix vodka if you prefer it for gin. A martini is just a martini not any other kind like chocolate martini, apple martini and so on.

This app is exploring the various combinations of Cocktails in superb blend. You have various choices and category in this app if you belong to the class of Pocket Cocktail. You can browse the method of making tropical treat or a classical treat. You can view the ranges of drinks for special occasions like Christmas or Halloween party and also type of drinks available for enjoying with a family. Just by a single tap you can update knowledge about the matching flags of each drink and learn more about the Rules of the Department of Health in mixing them.

Sometimes, the cocktails also include wine in them. Normally four types of wines are included in this preparation. They are Ripple, Night train, and Mad Dog and Irish Rose. It is not the case with Cocktail HD app. It has over hundreds of wines included with tips telling how to consume it with various food items.

Normally people will not mix alcohol with other drinks which are less sketchy. You can always mix alcohol with compulsive gambling and strippers. Nobody knows about Pocket Cocktails. And the people who are familiar with pocket cocktail app would taste the fish with white wine and also the meat with red wine and other possible combination.

The Cocktail HD provides valid tips about the drinks and types of wines that can be combined with food items. These tips are displayed in colorful cards making the reader more glued to it. If you are gentlemen then read and enjoy the app and its useful tips. Do not try to implement it. In reality it is doubtful, if any habitual drinker will have enough patience to read these tips when he really wants to quench his thirst. He will just drink another glass instead of reading how to make wonderful mixes.

In my opinion, I prefer bartending application which includes search box in it. There is no meaning in finding fault with the users of Pocket Cocktail app. This app of Cocktail provides lot of categories and varieties to match the reader with his taste and preference. You can find suitable match for any type of tropical or classical party. You can even find the match for watermelon or any other gin also using this app.

Hence, if you are the type of person who enjoys Cocktail, then this app is right choice for you. It details about various types of drinks which you have not even heard about till date. The app is available for $5 and is perfect for the one who enjoys drinking.

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  1. My name is Mike Donovan and I am one of the founders of a computer consulting and app development company called Quintal Technologies. We developed and released an iOS (iPhone/iPad) drink and cocktail app called InMyBar eight weeks ago and we feel it’s been a great hit. At that time we were number 82 of 82 in the App Store search list when looking for “cocktail recipes”. The newest release of InMyBar (July 1, 2011) is now consistently in the top four listed. The sales, reviews and feedback have been good and our new release was very well received with over 1,000 customers updating to it in the first few days. I had sent you a message when we released the app in May 2011 and wanted to ask again if you were interested in reviewing it. The app is 99 cents but I can send you a promo code if you would like to check it out.

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