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Today’s business environment has made it a necessity to replace the cash register or existing payment system with a state-of-the art Point of Sales or POS system. Point of Sales help make businesses run more efficiently with tools that focus on employee time management, loyalty programs, inventory data, etc. However, you need to purchase the correct POS system in order to get the most out of your system for your business. If you fail to take the time required to research, compare, and purchase the system you can end up losing valuable time, energy and hard earned money.  A pricey POS system does not necessarily mean that it is the best for your business.

Begin asking for quotes

A major part of the decision making process involves getting quotes from competing companies. There are some companies that include all their primary services within their initial quote, however there are others that fail to leave out certain specifics details about their system, and you end up getting billed for something you didn’t even know about. This makes it even more important to research all of your options and price shop so you can find a favorable solution. Before you make a final decision always ask about certain recurring costs such as maintenance and upgrades. Ask for a comprehensive cost of services per month and don’t forget to include extra costs such as hardware, installation, upgrade, maintenance and support.

Establish a budget

As soon as you have decided on buying a POS system you need to factor in your business’s budget. After all, you don’t want to jeopardize your company’s finances because you purchased the wrong system. If you are purchasing a POS System for the first time, then you might consider purchasing a complete POS system. The cost of a complete system usually includes the cost of any other associated services, retail POS software, terminals, back-office servers, internet connection and training. But you should double check to make sure this is the case. If possible buy everything from a single company. That way if any problem arise you can go back to the same company and it will also help you to save a lot of money as the overall cost is usually reduced when you buy from a single merchant.

How much does a POS system usually cost?

The starting price of a complete POS system is usually around $1500 but it can go up to $8000 per terminal depending on the model, make and the type of hardware and software that’s integrated. If you buy a higher priced model then you will get an all-inclusive package which usually includes hardware, software, training, installation and customer support. The higher priced models are more complex but they offer extra features. There is also an option to lease a POS System or you can opt to pay subscription charges on a monthly basis.

Finding a quote online

You can get a free quote for a POS System from multiple service providers just by going online. By simply doing a Google search of “Point of Sale System Quotes”, you will see thousands of results. Simply click on the first few results, fill in the required information about your establishment, and you should either receive an immediate quote on the spot or you will be contacted by a representative by either phone or email in the near future.

Remember to talk to the sales representative about the type of business you will be utilizing the system for to get a better idea of options that are suitable for your business.

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