Thrilling Apps from Photo Caddy on your iPhone


Thrilling apps from Photo Caddy on your iPhone

If you are a new photographer with enough enthusiasm, then Photo Caddy is the best choice to cater to your skill of photography. Instead of gaining knowledge from reading books this app is practical in teaching you great photographic techniques and provides you with excellent tips for shooting a photo.

The Photo Caddy throws light on all topics of photography covering different approach. It teaches step by step giving enough information on how to take a good shot and what are the tips to become a talented photographer. This app is not for time pass photographers and if you are a person longing to become a professional photographer then you can download this app.

This app is socially capable providing lot of user tips under each category or subject. It not only offers practical tips and guidelines for taking a shot but it allows you to add some tips of your choice for future reference and sharing with your friends. This application is useful in many ways and is easily available on your iPhones and iPad mobiles.

Suppose you want to add thrill in your phone, then lot of apps are now available in the market to scare your friends of all ages. One story one day app provides a story on each day which takes you to thrilling feeling and the stories they provide in this app are truly scary.

The Ghost stories app offers true stories of ghost in textual form which adds more fear than visual and image forms. On downloading this app for just 1.99 dollars you can read lot of ghostly stories and share it with your friends. It allows the user to rate those stories and thus you can read the top rated story which has scared many people in the world.

There is another way to have fun. Download the app of Ghost Capture, select a ghost from the album and mail your friends. You can control and adjust the settings in this app providing more thrilling effects.

Another interesting app is the spider iCreepy which comes with a spider on your iPhone. On the idle form, your screen shows the spider running on it. If you want a bite from him, just touch the screen for some time. It can amuse you if you are fond of bugs and insects.

Halloween Plus is loaded with millions of ghostly pictures, sounds and ring tones and much more. It is worth for one dollar to scar your intimate friends. Another app named candy catch comes with a game which interests not only kids but people of all ages. Halloween experience is an application to amuse your kids where your task is to avoid the pumpkin and win the game. In Zombie Me you can scar your friends by sharing a picture with added make-up creating huge eyes and by adding blood drops. Thus, if you want to have fun and thrill, thousands of such apps are available in the market which you can download in your iPhone or iPad.

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