AVerMedia AVerTV HD DVR Video Capture Card


AVerMedia AVerTV HD DVR video capture card

Short Version:

With the ability to capture up to 1080i video the AVerMedia AVerTV HD DVR sells in the range $100. That’s an attractive price.


Fulfills one of the key requirements of all hardware. It is easy to install. Furthermore, in most instances it affords adequate recording quality at a comparatively low cost.

Negatives: Almost unbelievably the media center software is way outdated. It appears like something from the late 90’s era. Further more it does not have 1080p recording and the HDMI is rather intermittent, causing this card to have a dubious reputation.


For people who want to convert their footage into a digital format the AVerTV card is a fully capable solution. The card handles most recording tasks pretty well from old movies taped on that thing we use to call the VHS, the old recorded audio tapes, and the more current game consoles and  game play, or even capturing shows off of a DVR.

Setup is quite smooth if you have prior experience of doing installations on a desk stop. The two slots on the front end of the card are for the HDMI port with the other meant for the 10-in-1 AV cable. Varying sources can be connected at the same time into this card. AVer MediaCenter gives the option of alternate usage between these sources, which have been connected to it.

AVerMedia AVerTV HD DVR video capture card

In terms of functionality the media center has got TV, Video, Audio, and Photo to record as needed but is very similar to the pioneer forms of DVR software. However the video/audio players and the photo functions do not match up to expectations and can be considered more as namesake functions than functions, which give great performance.

The HDMI plays up big time based on what device has been connected. Connecting the Comcast DVR box was instrumental in software crashes almost one hundred percent of the time. When connected the Xbox too caused concerns. It would occasionally record sound but without picture where as HDMI input via a Gateway notebook tended to work well in every instance.

AVerMedia AVerTV HD DVR video capture card


For an individual who is just beginning to toy with capture hard ware this card might be sufficient given the easy installation and the attractive price. Nevertheless the AVerMedia AVerTV HD DVR video capture card cannot enjoy a full endorsement due to the less than acceptable performance of the software handling HDMI connections. The appearance of the software needs an immediate facelift if this card intends to become a serious contender with other options,

There definitely are better options available but if patience is a virtue with you and you are satisfied with using AVerMedia for component, composite, and S-video connections, then almost everything works out well, other than HDMI input.

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