Dangers Of The Internet: How You Can Avoid Becoming A Victim Of Cybercrimes


Cyberspace is a popular place to hangout even if you are in your pajamas still tucked in bed. This is a virtual community where millions of people from all over the world turn to for information, entertainment and business as well as company, yet there are also people and places within this community that must be avoided. Harm can come to both children and adults when surfing the internet and getting comfortable in cyberspace, so it is essential that everyone is well informed about the dangers involved whenever browsing the internet. Staying safe and taking precautions are also important in order to protect yourself and your family.

What Do You Do Online?

Harm can be inflicted in cyberspace depending on how you utilize the internet. Here are three popular uses of the internet.


Almost everyone uses e-mail as a method of communication with family and friends from great distances. However, you will also encounter messages encouraging you to visit a certain website, join a certain group or participate in a special promotion. Whatever it may be, you must be aware that these can be scams where people lurk you into buying things you do not need, getting your personal information used in identity theft or for inappropriate conversations. If you do not know who the email came from, it will be best that you do not open it.

Online Shopping

Though shopping online is convenient and efficient, it is also a popular way to scam people. Often credit cards and personal bank accounts are used to settle payments for products bought online and this is the perfect way for scammers to secure personal information and tap into people’s financial accounts. This also includes purchasing gaming credits or tools for certain well known online gaming websites.

Chat Rooms

Chat rooms are also popularly used by almost everyone who enjoys anonymity. Unfortunately, most of the time, these chat rooms are very dangerous as they are used by people who simply want to harm others. These places are inappropriate places for children to visit and must be discouraged. After all, children regardless of age will experience healthier relationships with others when they interact face to face.

What You Must Remember When Surfing The Internet

When you go online and visit cyberspace to browse different websites, you will need a bit of common sense to stay safe. Here are a few reminders for safe internet surfing.

  1. Once you come across violent and pornographic websites, it is best that you stay away from them.
  2. Avoid giving out your name, address, telephone number, password to email addresses and other online accounts, school’s name, parents’ names, credit card details, personal photographs and other personal information.
  3. Do not respond to emails sent from people you do not know.
  4. Do not meet with anyone whom you had just met online, unless necessary. Have a friend, parent or a group of friends accompany you when you do meet in a familiar public place.
  5. In the event that you receive any photographic material or threatening emails, it is important that you report it to the user’s ISP or local law enforcement agency.

Cyberspace is a very unpredictable place to venture into and anyone who innocently fall victim to the terrors that lurks in cyberspace will have a high price to pay unless action is taken to prevent a crime. The internet may be a useful and convenient tool for everyone, but it can also be a dangerous and life altering place if you make the wrong decisions online.

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Valerie Howards is freelance writer specializing in cybercrimes and internet activities. She regularly contributes articles to internet and legal related websites for those requiring assistance in bail bonds in Santa Ana.

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