BFG Deimos


BFG Deimos

Short Version:

The Deimos is custom designed for Gaming and provides an exhilarating experience. Meeting the specialized needs of gaming, it is not only big and fast but also good-looking. A gaming machine will generate heat, be bulky and have limited battery life. Therefore Deimos from BFG experiencing these issues cannot designate as weak points.
Pros: Speedy, lightweight despite its bulk, with superior designs and set up.

Cons: Not really cons, as any gaming machine will experience theses factors. Nevertheless it tends to heat up, bulky and has limited battery life.

Price as reviewed: $4,423

BFG have used their experience of manufacturing hardware for performance computer machines   to build their own system -The Deimos. The intention is to compete with other gaming laptop machines like Alienware’s M17x.

The Deimos does compete well. It exceeded the M17x, in the areas of security biometrics and the using of a webcam as security. It has four USB ports in full with HDMI and DVI.

Performance: IF you study the specifications you would expect it to be fast and it does not disappoint. It is speedy and gives what the gaming junkie is looking for. Has four USB ports in full with HDMI and DVI. The power cord and the cooling vents enjoying reserved space at the back. It uses BIOS, which is the basic, but gives adequate utility.


The keyboard will have to grow on you, as it is more inclined towards a netbook rather than the standard. The numeric keys get heated and rather messy. This is also because it is somewhat clogged up with the arrow keys. Like the Logitech G-Series there are customizable macro keys are on the left side. These take up some area.

LED lights are used to highlight the trackpad, which is in the centre and performs well. A single button to be clicked on either side becomes the left and right button and responds adequately. Biometric logic is provided as an option by a fingerprint reader centered in the button.


Artistically loud the appearance is still better than the Alienware system. All the icons are lit with LED’s positioned underneath and contain a touch sensitive strip positioned at the top. The touch icons activate Webcam, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth hardware icons. The case is very shiny but unfortunately shows the fingerprints too prominently. BFG have done the needful by including a sizable microfiber cloth for finger print wiping. The Deimos is designed with more class than the Alienware,

Final thoughts:

The BFG Deimos can be recommended with enthusiasm.  A super machine, which can pose as a desktop confidently, be it for work or play. Price is not high once you have decided to go for a gaming laptop, as you know the ballpark costs for gaming computers are way over the usual. If the keyboard depresses you get an external one, and you have almost all your expectations met.

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