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Inspiron One 2305 is probably one of the best attempts of Dell Inc. to make an all-rounder machine, i.e. one laptop which is capable of every common functionality. Bundled with high end features and unique intrusive backup software, Dell Inspiron One 2305 serves a pretty good market, setting its starting price at $599 and the highest end machine at $1149.

Design, Features, Performance

Inspiron One 2305 is probably one of the finest machines by Dell in recent times, neatness being the hallmark in its design. It has a nice, simple sleek straight design and offers Windows as its home operating system. It has a well-made, user friendly plastic shell that looks more like an entertainment hub than a PC. The exteriors have been minimized and by the near edge to edge design of the speakers just below the screen, the computer advertises audio and video capabilities. The base of Inspiron has two stubby plastic feet to maintain its balance even at uneven places.

Inspiron One 2305 starts from $599 and at this price one gets the 23-inch, 1,920×1,080-pixel resolution display, no touch input, the HDMI, and extra AV inputs, and comprises of greatly slower computing parts than its high end tier prices at $1149 which comes with a Blu-Ray drive. To add touch screen feature, the $699 is the baseline price; for touch plus the AV inputs, $799 is the baseline price for that model.

Inspiron 2305 features HDMI input and a Blu-Ray Drive, which makes it irresistible to a user looking for a standalone home entertainment computing device. It also comes with VGA and composite video-ins which simultaneously constitutes the AV input feature. This enables the user to easily extend the display to cable boxes, consoles, laptops and other devices. And with this feature one also doesn’t have to buy another display and install a media hub somewhere in the house.

Dell comes with simple, easy to use and very effective touch software as well. Dell officially is now in competition with all-in-ones offering touch inputs. Dell has introduced a carousel where one gets a touch based tile interface which triggers applications to run. Dell’s integrated touch tactic is probably one of the best compared to its competitors. Other than that, one can easily shut off the touch capability and carousel altogether manually. Inspiron One 2305 however shows relatively lower performance than its predecessors, the XPS one and other competitors in the market, but its unique set of features make it irresistible for home based buyers.

Inspiron 2305 has the fastest graphic enhancer card in this price range, as well as heavy system memory. It comes with a 2.4 Ghz AMD Processor which hurdles its performance compared with others. Overall, Dell Inspiron 2305 is a very good deal, but no distinction is there between speed and multimedia attributes to compare in this particular all-in-one segment. But as mentioned earlier, this machine is best suited for home based users seeking all-but-good functionalities and an entertainment hub.

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