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“KISS MY VALENTINE”™ Smartphone App


In anticipation of Valentine’s Day 2011, Iconosys, Inc., a leading international Smart phone app developer releases Kiss My Valentine™ in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese, making it easier for us to pay tribute to all those people in our lives that deserve our love.  The Smart phone App, Kiss My Valentine™, promises to make the reward of appreciation a present that is within reach for all who desire it.

Kiss My Valentine™ Features Include the Following:
• Kiss My Valentine™ stores and provides tracking with reminders of our process (and progress) in showing appreciation for our loved ones, with gifts such as candy, cards, and flowers, among others. The App user gets a daily reminder that notifies them of the quantities/descriptions of physical items they need to shop for their special someone.
• Digital kisses, hugs, and wishes are settable from the App, to be delivered to those in the App user’s contact book. Example of text sent is:  “You’ve received a text kiss((kiss)) & hug((hug))! Happy Valentine’s Day! ….”
• Send a customized digital sweetheart message, anytime, leading up to Valentine’s Day, similar to those candies that sell roughly 32,300,000 lbs per year during the special six week period associated with Valentine’s Day.
• In the event there is a party, there also is included a Party Strobe function where the LED flash on the exterior of most phones is flashed similar to a dancing strobe light.
• Kiss My Valentine™ is a year round app, install it for this year and it will update and reset for the following year, keeping your Valentines list safely stored until 2012.
• Kiss My Valentine™ is available in English, Spanish, Chinese and Portuguese.
Kiss My Valentine™ is free of charge from the Android Marketplace for Valentine’s Day (if you download before Valentine’s Day, it will not expire), or can be purchased thereafter for $4.95 for full lifetime coverage.

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