Dell Inspiron i17R-2248MRB – A Detailed Review


Dell Inspiron i17R-2248MRB – A Detailed Review

The Dell Inspiron i17R-2248MRB is a huge laptop and it is literally huge in the sense that the display size of the laptop is 17.3 inches. This provides a very wide screen resolution which is an eye candy for all the movie buffs who want to enjoy the pleasure of a television experience in a laptop. This laptop comes with Intel graphics and provides a HD, that is, high definition picture quality to its viewers. With the processor from Intel Company and the exact model of the processor being Intel core i5 with speed of 2.53 GHz this laptop provides a very smooth yet fast working without any hanging and intervention from other applications and processes. The processor employs the turbo boost technology which is used to increase the processor speed up to 2.8 GHz. The dual core model processor is an optimal core technology in processor technology. It maximises the speed for the demanding and dynamic application to cater their needs.

Coming to the storage part, the Dell Inspiron i17R-2248MRB provides its users with a sumptuous space of 500 GB. This lavish space will make the user store all their data without prior thinking of the left over space. The Intel graphics provides a support for Microsoft’s direct x games. The webcam is optimised and provides a resolution of 1.3 mega pixels which gives a clear and distinctive pictures and images. The clarity is good enough for webcam chatting. The audio is very impressive with surround sound and sub woofer built in speakers. This gives a theatre like effects bringing in a real view of movie hall in your place. For connecting to internet, Dell understands the current trend and provides wireless internet connectivity. This helps in portability in the true sense. There is a HDMI port available for connecting it with the home theatre system or other LCD television set. The DVD drive supports multi formats, almost 8 different formats. The DVD drive allows you to play various movies, games and also to write or burn data on to the DVD high speed.  The operating system provided in the laptop is from Microsoft and it is one of the most acclaimed operating system named Windows 7. It is one of the most successful operating system launched by Microsoft which provides a easy to use interface to the users and a quality experience. Overall this laptop is a value for money as it is said to be very economical yet at the same time one does not have to compromise with the features.

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