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If your budget does not allow you to exceed $100, then Canon’s Pixma MP495 might just be the product suitable for your needs. This product has all features that might be required of a regular, low budget printer these days. It allows you to copy, scan and print data wirelessly saving you from the hassle of attaching dozens of wires along with different PCs. On an average, it scores an 8/10 on design, 6/10 on features, 6/10 on performance and 7/10 on service and support.

This product is the first amongst its kind to be priced under the three digit mark at $80. It’s 802.11b/g wireless feature and the executive black glossy look helps it stand out against the other printers in the same price range.

One drawback which might go onto harm the sales of the product is its printing speed which needs a boost. Furthermore, the lack of an LCD screen also creates a doubt in the mind of buyers, to buy it or not. However, being priced at $80 and satisfying the basic needs to a user, it could be said that this product is worth buying.


After delivering its black and silver color scheme last year, Canon this time around has introduced its Pixma MP495 with an absolutely executive look and glossy black finish. This not only helps the product stand out in the market but also helps in catching the eye of most buyers. Besides the color scheme, the product has been designed in such a manner that it helps in performing all the basic functions such as printing, scanning and copying.

In order to price the product under the $100 mark, Canon chose to replace the LCD screen with manual touch buttons for most of its functions such as starting and stopping the print, choosing the color, changing paper sizes, power etc.  The footprint for MP495 is measured at 6 inches tall, 13 inches deep and 18 inches wide.

Since Canon chose price to be the distinguishing factor in this product, therefore the lack of LCD screen might annoy most of its users. Often most users have the habit of adjusting the setting once and then sending multiple prints. However, since this model does not have an LCD screen, each user would have to manually adjust the settings and then be able to send multiple prints. Furthermore, snapshot photographers would also be disappointed as this model does not offer a memory card reader so that photographers could just insert the card and be able to print their snaps.


If you’re considering buying this product to help cut down on your waiting time for the printing then you might be wrong. Canon’s Pixma MP495 has been a major let down when it comes to the printing speed as on an average it prints about 4 pages a minute. This is true if most of the printing is being done in color. In places where back to back printing has to be done and where waiting for longer time is not possible, then this product wouldn’t be recommended.

Furthermore, Pixma MP495 would initially save you money as it’s nominally priced. However, once the printing work begins, the replacement of the ink cartridges would cost you a lot as its replacements are considered to be very expensive especially the color cartridge.

The Good:

Nominal pricing for an all in one device with the availability of Wi-Fi connection, having a glossy black look which gives it an executive look.

The Bad:

Lack of an LCD screen and a memory card reader, expensive ink replacement.


If you wish to buy a product which offers you all in one feature at a considerable price then this product might perform all the basic needs and be able to satisfy your requirements. However, if your printing is in excess quantity then you might consider other options.

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