LG PX950 Series Review


Crowned with the THX certification, LG PX950 series is undeniably LGs best offering in Plasma Televisions. Enhanced with 3D capabilities, unlike its predecessor, the PK 950 series has a remarkable picture quality compared to many competitors in the market. Decorated with stylish exterior, the slim body pane and exotic looks, the PX950 is certainly provides a good competition to many renowned brands in the market. It offers ample flow and interactive attributes, vast picture controls, and sleek style with a 2 inch deep panel.

PX950 is probably the best LG HDTV out in the market, and with its appealing slim stem style, LG certainly threw an eye catcher.

Design & Performance

The LG PX950’s features a blue-edged bezel which is flushed with the screen for a clearer picture quality. Other than this LG is the pioneer in offering sleekness of a single front, where the picture and frame integrate to form a single glass pane. PX950 also highlights a transparent stand stalk and its transparent corners, with a glass top and followed by a matte finish overall. The depth of the device is 2.7 inches. The sleek stand enhances the sleekness and another package within a package, LG showed its innovativeness by introducing an all new motion sensitive remote control, also known as the “Magic Wand.”

Just like the controller we know in the Nintendo Wii, the remote control behaves almost the same way. LGs pointer fits great in the hand and buttons are very soft, coupled with a very simplified menu and cursor control. Moving the remote to options, activate the controls. All that needed is to wave hands in that direction, awesome isn’t it! The Wand initiates a simplified menu system to ease accessibility via pointer. The precision of the indicator is very fine with the jumbo icon easing control even more. The wand is undoubtedly intimidating though it does not work in many third party applications and widgets.

LG’s standard pointer is a long wand with soft button differentiation and it is very user friendly. The key menus are fundamental and useful with a number of ways, together with a nice Quick Menu.


PX950 has the ability to display 3D content. Although it doesn’t come with the all important3D glasses, however, the PX950 does offer a 2D-to-3D conversion system and the THX certification for both 2D and 3D. Like its predecessor PK950, the screen of the PX includes a “TrueBlack” filter designed to improve image quality in luminous rooms, and the PX controlled 1080p/24 sources properly. Other notables on the PX950 include the external “LG Wireless Media Box” option that enables you to connect HDMI and other devices wirelessly and facilitates custom installations. THX certification for 3D is the PX950’s claim to fame. The outstanding by and large picture excellence of the LG PX950 wasn’t a huge amaze given the likewise inspiring 2D-only PK950. It also shows nearly perfect off-angle viewing and screen uniformity.

If you are looking for a HDTV with 3d capabilities, and with a better price, then LG PX950 is the one for you!

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