Top Five Android Apps for Pregnant Ladies


All you pregnant ladies with Android smartphones – it’s time you start enjoying your pregnancy with useful apps! Want name ideas for your baby? Need to plan out a diet system or understand basic pregnancy facts? These top five Android apps will help you enjoy and understand the different phases of pregnancy.

1). Happy Pregnancy

A cool App, it helps you deal with all the bliss and blues of your pregnancy and predicts your mood swings. Here are a few important things you can do.

  • Weekly mood tracking journal and options for making personal notes.
  • Calendar and chart for tracking weight gain.
  • Countdown to due date and baby kick counter.
  • Contraction timer and weekly pregnancy information.
  • Predicted weight tracker of the baby when delivered.

Simple and accurate, this is a free app which can help you efficiently track down pregnancy progress.

2). BabyBump Pregnancy

This is one pregnancy app that has made waves all around the web. Easy to use, accurate and pretty helpful, here’s what it does best:

  • Simple and easy to use interface for smartphone newbies.
  • Calculation of due date and tips for weekly baby development.
  • Tracking of weight gain and waist measurement during pregnancy.
  • Tracks mood swings, energy levels and contraction timer.
  • Has an easy to use baby naming tool with birth plans.
  • Easy to manage shopping list.
  • Forum for expectant parents to connect with fellow to be mums.

Available in a free and pro version with a service charge of just $2.99 for the pro version? Not bad?

3). Pregnancy Diet Calculator

Worried about nutrition? The Pregnancy Diet Calculator will help you through all three meals of the day with special menus, foods and fruits meant specifically for pregnant women.

  • You get to fill in all what you’ve eaten throughout the day.
  • Tips to a better diet plan and use of fruits and vegetables.
  • Simple user interface highlighting breakfast, lunch and dinner meals.

Available for free, the app helps you with basic nutrition guide, it is ideal for ladies who like the simpler version of diet calendars.

4). Baby Names

Looking for an interesting name? Use Baby Names, the much loved free app that gives you a great many ideas for boys and girls names.

  • Chooses names based on the popularity score
  • Gives you over 50,000 suggestions.
  • Similar name suggestions so you could tweak it around and get creative.
  • Interesting names from a variety of backgrounds, country or regions

If you don’t want the same old traditional names and are looking for something creative, then this app will do it just right.

5). Prenatal Lullabies

Did you know that your unborn child can hear and be soothed by soft music? This is why parents are always encouraged to talk to their children and bring in soft music to stimulate brain development of a fetus. The app gives you a perfect blend of soft piano sonatas that you can play to relax you as well as your baby too. Available for just $2.96, this is a great app for listening to relaxing instrumentals.

There you go ladies. Enjoy your pregnancy with these fantastic apps!

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