Boys and Their Toys (and Gadgets)


How many men reading this use the TV remote control as a weapon of family disharmony? Just when the exciting climax of the film the family is watching, the channel is changed as if by magic and all hell breaks loose. By the time the channel has been changed back the credits are rolling and the entire plot, which hinged on the last minute of the film, is gone forever. If ever there was a time for the ‘big boy’ in the family to have his own set of toys to wean him off the TV remote control that was it.

Stop dreaming and act

There are some really neat gadgets around today that most men would love to own; perhaps ‘own’ is the wrong word to use; more to ‘cherish’ and ‘lovingly play with’ might be more appropriate. At the time of writing Father Christmas is checking out the reindeer team, preparing the sleigh and making final additions to his long list of toys, books, clothes and gadgets he will be delivering to the children of the world. In among that list are some really cool gadgets for men destined for men everywhere who fiddle with the remote control.

While it is true to say that most men have a mobile phone or other hand held device, they also need a gadget or two on top of their phone. A mobile phone can offer up only so much gadget entertainment. The real entertainment is derived from a gadget which, to the ‘non believer’ has no use or function at all. And what a huge selection of gadgets and toys there is which seemingly have no use or function – but we know better, don’t we?

Plasma ball, spy plane and snow machine

What do all the aforementioned items have in common, apart from the fact they are excellent stocking fillers for men of all ages?  They are all bound to give hours of endless fun for the man who loves playing with toys, but has only the remote control to play with or hogs the kids’ toys much to their chagrin.

Speaking as an adult who more often than not commandeered his young boys’ Playstation, the Atari 5200 and Sega master System, there is a deep empathy of understanding just how much cool gadgets for men can often be the cool toys for kids in the wrong hands.

No more tears

This year whether you’re a man who loves cool gadgets and don’t have any of your own, or the partner of a man with no gadgets of his own, make a promise today to fill your home with an array cool gadgets for men. There are loads of quirky gadgets available so you are sure to find something for the man that has everything.  Everyone concerned will have a stress free time; no more tears from the kids when their toys and games are commandeered, and no more missed final scenes regardless of what you’re watching.

Mike is a freelance writer and blogger and understands the basic urge of a grown man to play with the TV remote and ‘steal’ the kids’ toys. He has his own collection of cool gadgets for men.

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