5 Cost-Cutting Tips For Direct Mail Printing


Direct mail marketing campaigns can be a very effective way to promote your business, generate leads, and build your book-of-business. But as with any marketing strategy, it is very important to learn how to reduce the overall cost of your marketing campaign without compromising the results so that you can earn a large return on investment. If you are looking for ways to reduce your direct mail campaign production costs, here are 5 cost-cutting tips that will help minimize the cost of your next campaign without reducing your response rates.

Print on Both Sides of the Medium

If you are using brochures, postcards, or simply sales copies as your marketing materials, make sure that you print in both sides of the medium. You can cut the paper costs in half, provide more room for valuable content, and get higher response rates at a lower cost per sale. Use the front of any of your materials to capture the audience’s attention. After you grad their attention, you can use the back of the paper to give more details and most importantly to place a call to action.

Create Your Own Designs

It may be very tempting to hire a professional designer to design your post cards and the sales copy templates you will be using. While designers are experienced with making a simple yet attention-grabbing design, their designs are far from cost-friendly when it comes to printing. If you use pre-designed templates, you can choose a design that is affordable from a printing perspective and still professional from a design perspective. By doing this, you can also save the money you would have paid the designer and spend that to have the mailers printed professionally.

Stick With Standard Paper Sizes and Shapes

It might be tempting to request that your mailers are printed on odd-shaped paper. But if you consider the cost of choosing this odd-shaped paper, it is a good idea to go standard. Printing companies not only have to special order odd-shaped postcards and brochure templates, they also risk the chance of these papers jamming their machines. Because of the increased time invested in the project, they are forced to charge you more for your order. Standard papers will give you more for your money.

Print Your Mailers in Bulk

If you have a short lead list, wait to run your campaign until you have a longer list. Marketing to just a few people will cost you more money per piece. If you know you will be using the same mailers in the future, have them printed in bulk and always request a master version of the print.

Mail All of Your Mailers in Bulk

If your mailing list is ready, you might want to look for a company that offers a combined printing and mailing service to save money on shipping costs and to save time as well. If you plan on mailing all of these prints to your leads, why not save on postage and have the printers mail these out to the leads right after they are printed?

If you are looking for an affordable way to connect with your customers and your prospects, direct mail is becoming more popular. Keep the costs low, keep your pieces professional, and generate a high response rate.

Michael specialises in direct mail marketing and is based out of Sydney, Australia. Offering his clients advice and strategies in both traditional and digital direct mail marketing services, Michael has delivered successful results for clients that he has established a business relationship with. In an advanced technological market, digital printing in Sydney has become a method more required in direct marketing practices to successfully reach a lager target audience.

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