Things You Should Know About Local SEO


Freelance SEO Singapore brings you the latest news about the Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO); as well know Local SEO can be really tricky as it has a lot of customary SEO variables while also having to do the extra complex SEO activities. If you want that your website gets a lot of local search then directory listings is not the only way as there are many other factors that come in between. So let’s see a few things that can help boost your local SEO

Things You Should Know About Local SEO

While doing online listings, you should make sure it’s done correctly and consistently. One of the most important components of local SEO is NAP that stands for Name, Address and Phone Number and many of the small business owner’s neglect them the most when trying to optimize the SEO. During many surveys it was revealed that the majority of local business owners never tend to provide the correct information for NAP or if they have provided it’s not updated correctly as the information provided by them was now redundant because they had already changed their NAP but forgot to update it. Now mismatching NAPs could seriously affect your SEO and can also ultimately kill it. If you want your local SEO score to optimize itself correctly as per the current market standard, then you should always keep reviewing the NAP directory in the online listings. Also, you should make sure that the information form the hype local location should exactly match with the neighborhood information.

The other thing you could do to boost your LSEO is through the reviews obtained from the various customers. The number of reviews your site has gotten from the customers is exactly proportional to your SEO rankings, whatever may be the review, good or bad, if it is in good number your work is done. Although you can’t control what reviews the customers would give to your business, but you can motivate them to give nice reviews using various symbols on the doors or putting QR Codes on the menus, so that they may review your services then or later. The Reviews are really worth the extra effort, even if you have to really beg for it. Freelance SEO Singapore advises you to increase the number of reviews for your business as it would really boost your SEO and making it appear at the top of the local SEO listings too.

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