Top Five Smart-Phone Apps for Interior Designers


The best thing about smart-phones is the plethora of highly effective and multipurpose apps provided by different developers. Doesn’t matter if you are using an iPhone or any another phone with a different OS (e.g. Android), you can easily find lots and lots of apps for almost any purpose out there. In particular, professionals coming from different fields will find some handy apps that will help them work more quickly and efficiently, and interior designers are no exception. If you are an interior designer, you will be amazed to find the variety of apps that can help you in everything, from providing with the inspirations to letting you sketch on the go.

Let’s take a look at some of the best apps for interior designers.

Houzz Interior Design Ideas:

They say, you can’t create in a vacuum, when we go through the history, we will find that some of the finest art works and designs were inspired by someone else’s work. And the best part is, sometimes the product of these inspirations can go on to become more popular than the inspiration itself. Being an interior designer, you can use the collection at Houzz Interior Design to get the ideas and inspirations. Having more than 400, 000 pictures of styles, locations, and rooms, it will be more than enough to inspire the architects or interior designers, and the best part is that it comes at absolutely no cost involved.


If you are an interior designer, remodelista is one of those websites that you must pay a visit every now and then, you will be getting lots and lots of informative articles on DIY ideas, lighting, high and low designs, furniture, and the likes. The Remodelista app will let you browse the website on your smart-phone in a very organized way. You will find the content divided in categories like Kitchen, Bedroom, Bath, Living Room, Steal This Design, and all, a great app for interior designers as well as their clients.

Interior Design Gallery:

Android market doesn’t seem to have as many Apps for interior designers, especially when it comes to the apps like Houzz Interior or Remodelista having a wealth of design ideas and inspiration. The closest you can get on Android is probably the Interior Design Gallery, which is a free app featuring lots of high resolution pictures for interior designers. The collection has all sorts of home interior design ideas like kitchen, bathroom, living room, or floor designs for free.

Sketchbook Mobile Express:

One of the best drawing apps in the market, sketchbook offers a range of drawing and sketching tools. The only downside is that it requires at least 1 GHz processor and 512 RAM to function smoothly. It will take some time before you can get familiar, but once you do; your smart-phone will turn into a sketchbook on which you can draw anywhere and anytime as soon as the brainwave comes.

Interior Space Planning Tool:

Coming back to iPhone, here’s another amazing app to help you with the planning, previewing, and then sharing your design ideas with your clients or peers. Interior Space Planning Tool is designed by an interior designer so you will find the details that only a professional can think of. This app will help you imagine, create, experiment and implement interior designing plans in next to no time. And that’s not all … it also allows you to take room measurements while using Crosshairs Measure Tool so that you can choose the furniture and design with the right available space in mind.

J. Lein is a geek and at his New England Furniture website, you will find some stylish range of white furniture.

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