Techie Wizardy: Best 4 Degrees For Tech Geniuses


You’ve grown up with a variety of technology at your fingertips. You know how to assemble and troubleshoot your own computer. You’d choose Linux over Mac or Windows any day. And you could easily spout the specifications for the latest iPhone without so much as batting an eye.

But rather than using your mental energy to debate the feasibility of Interstellar, why not put your skills to use and acquire a degree? The world needs your intelligence, and these tech degrees will help you further your career.

Techie Wizardy: Best 4 Degrees For Tech Geniuses

1. Computer Science

If you want a well-rounded education that will guarantee a position in almost any industry, computer science is the way to go. In fact, a Looksharp survey reports that nearly 61% of computer science majors have full time jobs within a year of graduation, and 31% had full time job offers by graduation.

Computer science graduates can focus on anything from software architecture to mobile application development, and can earn a computer science degree online. And students studying computer science tend to have the highest starting salary, $66,161, compared to engineering, math, and statistics.

2. Information Technology Management

Like computer science, information technology management opens several doors to promising careers. This degree prepares you for multiple positions, including as an information systems manager, computer systems engineer, computer systems analyst, network systems administrator, and more.

When you take courses for this degree, you’ll learn to use your computer skills to teach and lead others in your office, and you’ll discover how to assess a company’s existing technology and troubleshoot for problems.

3. Video Game Design

You’ve likely played more than your fair share of Minecraft, Starcraft, and World of Warcraft. But what if you could craft a game all your own?

With a video game design degree, you’ll develop the skills to create games for computers, consoles, and mobile devices. If you have more artistic talents, you could learn about character design and modeling. Or if your skills lean toward mathematics, you could become familiar with programs like Java, C++, and Maya.

4. Web Design

As more and more businesses make the switch to online sales, services, and content, they’ll need to present clear, concise, and engaging web pages and sites to promote their company. As a result, when you have a degree in web design, you become a valuable asset for a variety of industries.

Classes in web design will teach you to integrate dynamic content (such as animations, images, and videos) with static content (such as text) to create a digital work of art. And of course, you’ll format your work so it looks great on a variety of devices, including smartphones and tablets.

Not Sure Which Is Best for You?

All of these degrees have their pros and cons. The key to choosing the right major depends on your personality and your skill set. If you need help choosing a degree that compliments your tech skills, talk to a college adviser before you apply.

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