Polk speaker db691


Polk speaker db691

Coming to market with great specification and audio quality is the new Polk db691. Being a set of 6 by 9 their frequency is just the right size. With superb RMS the speakers are among the best speakers in the market. The set comes with 1 year warranty plus great customer support.

Initially the company was founded by trio of graduates; it has come into the ranks of top leading companies over the years. Producing speakers that posses the ability to blow the roof out. The speakers are designed for 4 ohm load. This impedance load gives the user more option in wiring configuration. It also shows that the user must posses enough power for these sorts of connection. Db691 arrives with 2 tweeters built in which allows it to save main driver to channel lower frequencies like 35 HZ. Normally humans can hear to lowest threshold and that is 20KHZ. It decreases with age, now the reason is creation of an ultra sonic effect. This in turn reinforces the sound thus adding a layer to music. It will certainly open new dimensions to the user experience.

The car speaker is one of the powerful speakers available. On 125 watts of power it can produce some of the impressing sounds.  Db691 peak power is less than it is expected. Running at high void can ruin this kind of gadgets. So it is recommended that the user must use on 125 watts of power. This is plenty of power that a normal user needs, so it will surely satisfy the need of high beating music. But if the users are going for audio battles etc they must need high power speakers.  Sensitivity of the speaker is also very impressive. The set is equipped to convert power into sound at very high rates. Packing good blow for 6 by 9 car speakers.

Well the machine is entirely made for sound so the audio is impressive indeed. Low end frequency did not have depth but frequencies were quite around. The bass range of db 691 is also nice and when playing it will start popping so be ready. Now what about high frequencies? Well they are normal it was not that much impressive nor bad as they can get. Db 691 can not add ultra sonic frequencies but it can create good sound effects indeed. The warranty is normal. Means if it gets jammed or is not working properly, the company will fix it. Users should not expect any help from Polk if they play it too loud and ruin the set. So be careful you should not mess with this. Just follow the instruction and you will be benefited.

Further more if users need help the can get it from the instructional manual and there is always an option of internet. The users can contact if they feel so. So in the end db 691 is indeed a decent option for users because they are getting three way car speakers. The apparatus is solely made for awesome audio and it delivers it quite well. With great frequencies plus bass it is not like that you have wasted the money.

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