5 Ways Nerds Will Change The World For The Better


Although nerds are often looked down upon in elementary and high school, they are the people who will bring forth the changes that will alter society. Advances in math, science and technology will improve people’s lives and lead to a brighter future for humankind. Below are five ways nerds are likely to change the world for the better.

5 Ways Nerds Will Change The World For The Better

The End of Global Warming

One of the biggest threats to both mankind and the planet as a whole is global warming. Thankfully, a lot of research and development has been performed by people labeled as nerds to solve this problem once and for all. Wind power, solar power and hydro power will continue to improve to the point where these power sources will be able to fuel entire communities. Electric cars that do not add carbon to the atmosphere aren’t far behind either.

Virtual Reality Will Be a Reality

In the future, people won’t simply play video games or watch movies. Instead, they will be part of them through the use of immersive virtual reality. This isn’t far off either. Realistic virtual reality headsets will be introduced into the market in the next few years.

Medical Research

One way nerds will certainly change the world for the better is through medical research. Tools like air powered laboratory stirrers have given mankind a stronger understanding of the basic building blocks of life, DNA. There are also purposes for laboratory electric mixers in medical research. With this new information, the genes that cause the growth of cancer in the body are likely to be identified. With this knowledge, a cure will eventually be found, and future generations will be free of this terrible disease.

Anything You Want Instantly

Another invention created by ambitious nerds is 3D printing. With this technology, 3D objects can be created in a very short amount of time from a digital blueprint. Most 3D printers currently create objects out of plastic. However, the technology could feasibly be applied to many other substances as well. If it becomes inexpensive enough, soon you may be able to create toys for your children or tools to use around the house within minutes.

Mars Colonization

Ultimately, the work of nerds will allow human beings to expand beyond the Earth. NASA is in fact planning to start the first Mars colony by the 2030s. Nerds will not only change the world. They will also change the galaxy.

While kids sadly tend to look down on those that excel in math and science in school, those children will grow up to be the ones who truly change the way humans live. As technology progresses, the lives of people will improve in tandem.

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