HP Office Jet Pro 8500A


HP Office jet Pro 8500A

The new HP office jet is a machine that is made 100 percent for office work. Machine like this should not be overlooked. HP is very famous for producing high speed multifunction apparatus. The best thing that has made this jet a worthy contender is the ability of easy to use. Well it is not difficult to use the printer at all. The printer holds functions like wireless connectivity which ensures that the user can connect it any where.  With memory slots and document feeder the printer has lots to offer. There is also USB port.

Pro 8500A is suitable for everyone, in fact if anyone is interested for small business they can always opt for this machine. What do we look in the printer when we want to buy it? The answer is simple it should be fast and must print neat and proper prints. Well HP has done the same. The pro is a kind of printer that is armed with a capacity of printing 15 pages/ minute. That is a hell of a speed if you are familiar with printing stuffs. Now what about the color quality? Well it is at its best. They are quite good at the speed of 11 pages/ minute. All this features comes under $ 300 and that is not expensive for a printer.

In all office works the most important thing is the resolution. You don’t want a business document look like a piece of junk? So for high quality and professional prints pro is a fine choice. It has the capacity to print 1200 by 1200 dots/ inch and that is for black and white prints. While for colored ones the machine has 4800 by 1200 dots/ inch. Well this is not the best but if you want to save money it it is quite good indeed. Talking about scanning users do not wish that there desired stuff like pictures and documents when scanned from computer look like colorless, awkward etc. to be on safe side all good and fancy printers have 48- bit color. The 8500A optical resolution is 4800 by 4800 dots / inch and that is the best in the market. Thus scanning will be great. The copy speed is also quite decent 7.5 pages per minute. The printer will start copying after 15 seconds of the order and that is not a long time.

When looking at the size the new HP is not the smallest printer the user will look for. Measuring 19.45 x 18.9 inches it is little bit bigger than normal printers. So there should be room for this machine in your office. The reason for its big size is its scanner plus doc feeder. But it is smaller than office printers that are usually laser. The convincing thing about this apparatus is easy to use offer. Also good quality prints for both color and non color. It is easy to use because all things can be done from its LCD screen. Which indeed saves precious time and ease burden. If you are looking for faster and decent prints then look no further because HO 8500A is at your door step and is mouth dropping machine. It would not be wrong to say “go for this”.

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