HP v125w USB Flash Drive


HP v125w USB flash drive

A good looking and extremely low priced USB drive for your personal use. The fact that its cheap is very important as you won’t loose much if get stolen or lost. Despite having a low cost this flash transporter comes with a good life span and a hard impact resistant casing. The dark colors attract whereas the shine denotes its smooth performance. Its outer casing is made up of metal rather than the usual plastics which makes it more resistant to impacts and increases structure life in some sense. The total capacity of thus USB is 4 GB which is quite a lot for the transfer on small things. With this portable device it is easy for you to share your files, videos and audio songs, etc.

No drivers are necessary to install for this to work but incase they are required then the windows will automatically search and install them. Works well with windows xp/vista/7 and Mac 10 and beyond operating systems. The company also provides a 2 year warranty starting the day it is bought. It is small sized and weighs just a few grams which makes it very easy to carry around in pocket. It can also be used as 4 GB spare RAM by using any software like ready boost, etc. There is also a support system on HP website if you need help and manuals can also be downloaded. This USB can also be used to boot start certain programs without any issues. Under the HP company logo there is also a small green colored light to indicate read and write modes and it blinks perfectly without being too bright or fainted. Its covering cap fits behind the structure for convenience when the device is in use. It performs a little faster than other USB storages connected via data cables. It really seems as if its using the 2.0 port to full extent.

However sometimes you might need to move a media file of data more than 10 GB so in that case this USB becomes useless and you have to apply other sources. Although this works with windows vista but it is extremely slow sometimes and gives a transfer rate of around 500 kilo bytes per second, even on a high performance and powerful computer. Another drawback is that when compared to other USB flash drives of its kind and in similar price range one might find that just by spending a few more bucks you can get a better, faster and more spacious flash disk. Another common complaint about this device is that its caps are too loose to fit either on front or back and one has to buy a spare cap which costs a little but still costs in money.

While some might argue that it gets lost easily in a purse or handbag and if dropped in dirt or mud its not easy to clean because of its grooves, others defend by saying that it is very reliable and fast and spacious enough to share small files and pictures among friends and relatives. Although by spending a little more a better flash drive can be purchased but if you are not that into flash drives and GB is around your basic needs than this product is definitely worth a thought.

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