Sony VAIO SR 590, Laptop


Sony VAIO SR 590, laptop

Following the VAIO series is the Sony 590 with its special metal casing which makes it more resistant and tough than other plastic cased laptops. Other than being stylish and graceful appearance the product also packs in impressive features. The laptop is very thin and light in weight and this makes it easy to carry around mobile.

The slimtop has a LED backlight HD screen which makes amazing pictures and videos on the 13 inch, diagonally, display screen. Some say that this small screen is not good enough for such a laptop as compared with others and that is, to some extent, right. On the contrary the device is HDMI compatible which means you can connect it to a High Definition TV for a better and bigger video quality and this makes up for the small display screen. The system is processed with Intel Core 2 Duo operating at a descent 2.2 GHz and to make it more exciting, there are about five upgrades available for this. So, by applying these upgrades you can easily take your PC processing at 3+ GHz.

Its upgrades are not used by most of its users but although advanced gamers manipulate this advantage to the max. The 4 GB RAM makes it more powerful and is accompanied by 5200 rpm Hard Disk of 250 GB. The RAM is DDR2 and can be further increased up to 6 GB or 8 GB by upgrades. A standard combo CD and DVD writer and player is already inclusive in the system but is not able to run blue-ray. So, Sony has put a combo blue-ray too. Its graphics are given a boost by HD ATI Radeon 4570. Just by spending 50 more dollars you can get a preinstalled, 64 bit, genuine and Home edition of the latest windows seven.

Being a portable device it also is compatible with solid-state hard drives of around 128 GB to 256 GB and this gives it more protection towards damage because these hard drives do not have any mobile parts in them so moving around with the laptop will not harm them. The design of SR 590 is also pleasing if gazed upon, perhaps it is its shiny black color though different people have different attractions to it. The small size of the screen is the only setback for majority of the people while some might argue that this flaw is under shadowed by its reliable and fast performance.

Many gamers have preferred this laptop because of its graphics and high quality and fast paced processing, not to mention the fact that it has multiple upgrading options and a protect structure with metal body. The small screen, however, remains an issue because one cannot enjoy the movies and other multimedia in a small screen so still many want something as fast but bigger. What so ever but the bottom line is that there are many reasons to buy this Sony product and before buying something else one should give it a serious consideration.

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